Labeled as the best seven-seconds in surfing Lagundri Bay, on the island of Nias, become the poster wave for Indonesia’s mix of perfection and adventure almost 40 years ago. More recently it was one of the few waves to emerge from the deadly 2005 earthquake with its reputation intact. In fact, the wave actually improved. And while Lagundri Bay, with its perfect barrel and dry-haired paddle out is the jewel, there are plenty of other great waves on Nias. You can also access the waves of Asu and Bawa on the nearby Hinako Islands easily. The fastest route to Nias is by a daily domestic flight from Medan to the capital Gunungsitoli. However if you have more time than money there are weekly ferries from Padang.  

What we love

Classic Indo surf adventure 

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When to go

Traditionally the Indonesian surf season peaks during the Indonesian dry season from May to September, when the south-west swells that the wave works best are most consistent. Word however is slowly seeping out that Nias can produce decent waves almost any time of year. The waves are smaller, so perfect for the inside sections at Lagrundi, and the crowds thin out remarkably.


Nias is amazing fusion of beautiful scenery, captivating culture, and intriguing history. The Hombo Batu, or stone jumping, tradition is a must see as locals recreate the ancient Nias War Dance. Near Lagrundi Bay Bawomataluo with its Nias traditional architecture is a fascinating village and a glimpse into the ancient past.

The Country

With over 255 million people, Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populated country. Consisting of thousands of islands, Indonesia is rich with tropical oceans, delicious fruits, and impressive volcanoes. Even with the nation’s large population, there are many opportunities to escape the crowds by visiting the country’s outer islands, rainforests and beaches.  Over the millennia, Indonesia has been controlled by many world superpowers – including the Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese.  Because of this diverse history, Indonesia has a unique blend of island culture, Western Colonialism, and Islamic lifestyle – making it a unique experience for any world traveller. If you enjoy respectfully meeting new people, you will undoubtedly find the people to be as beautiful as the oceans.  


Getting There

Kualanamu International Airport (KNO) in Medan is the gateway into Asu and Nias, with direct flights available from Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Denpasar and Surabaya. From Medan you can either take another domestic flight to Gunungsitoli on Nias, or arrange transport to the port of Sibolga and take a ferry from there. 

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