Pinnacles on Telo - Indonesia

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for 9 nights


Group - Land Based
Solo Travellers
Uncrowded Waves

The Perfection Pass Holders
Intermediate Waves
Family Surf Holidays

Surf Skill

Intermediate - Pro

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Ultimate Luxury

Price Range

€558 - €648 per night


March, April, June, July, August, September, October, May

Board Type

Shortboarders, Longboarders



The Telo Islands are one of the last frontiers in Indonesia with quality, uncrowded surf. Pinnacles Surf Lodge is an all-inclusive, luxury surf lodge with world-class surf guiding, excellent cuisine and comfortable, elegant accommodation.

The staff at Pinnacles on Telo are ready to cater to your every need no matter what it is as they offer the highest standard of service.

Quick Facts
    • 11+ uncrowded waves nearby
    • 8 bungalows
    • All-inclusive
    • Fine cuisine
    • World class surf guiding
    • Suits all levels

Pinnacles on Telo is like a wondrous dream in Indonesia. The Telo Islands are completely hidden and far from the bustling world of the cities. This is a holiday for surfers, couples and families that are looking to get a little lost.


Pinnacles on Telo is a luxury resort where guests will feel amazing. The staff will cater to what you need.


The island has 8 bungalows, which are able to sleep 4 in comfort. The rooms all have air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. The rooms will be serviced twice a day and there is a laundry service. You will also feel safe whilst at Pinnacles on Telo because there is a tsunami escape zone close to the main building.


If you are a surfer then you will have some of the most amazing waves on your doorstep. Surf guides will take you to the best breaks so you get the best experience possible.


Pinnacles on Telo has 8 private luxury bungalows that stand-alone. Each of the bungalows feature clear views of the oceans with surf breaks and the resort pool right on your doorstep. You will become lost in this beautiful island setting.

Josef Medellin, a San Francisco designer, has designed all of the rooms. The rooms feature a king sized bed, 2-day beds and have an en-suite bathroom. The rooms are then able to hold up to 4 guests.


Pinnacles on Telo is geared up for surfers, couples and families. If you are able to confirm that you will be a group of 8 surfers then you will have the exclusive use of Pinnacles on Telo.


The rooms are serviced twice a day and there is a complimentary laundry service. All of the rooms have air conditioning, satellite TV, a satellite phone and Wi-Fi.



  • AC and en-suite bathrooms In all rooms
  • King sized beds with two day beds
  • 2x daily housekeeping
  • Satellite television


  • Satellite phone available for guest use 
  • Satellite WiFi
  • Complimentary laundry service
  • Full-service bar

Surf & Other Activities

Pinnacles on Telo is an island surf getaway and you will be treated to some of the best surf spots. At Pinnacles on Telo the surf guides are key, they do not just understand the ocean, but they understand the need of the guests. The surf guides will make sure that you only surf the best waves in the best spots and will enhance your experience.


Pinnacles on Telo does not just offer surf as you are able to go fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, take some cooking classes, explore the area on cultural excursions or if you just want to relax, kick back on the beach or by the pool.


There are over 20 different breaks within an hour’s drive of Pinnacles on Telo and 70% of them are within 20 minutes of our front door.  The surf is very consistent, in the 3-5-foot range, lefts and rights that work in all tides and opposite wind directions virtually guaranteeing offshores every day. One of the main attractions of our region is the variety of surf offers many options for ALL levels of surfers and equipment.



This is your wave out front – a super user-friendly right hander just a paddle out from your villa. Great for longboarders too.



Only 10 mins from Pinnacles on Telo, this barrelling right-hander will enable you to score many tubes, and break your personal speed records in riding them.



A very long, bowling, walling left that will throw up the occasional barrell section. One of the most consistent waves in the area, and is located directly to the south of the resort, a mere five-minute boat ride away.



If the wind is on-shore at Max’s left, it’s perfect for the Max’s Right – a fun and sometimes challenging, hollow right hander. It’s about 15 minutes by boat from the Pinnacles on Telo.



This is a challenging, intense, hollow right hander that’s located about half hour by boat from the Pinnacles on Telo. This is a wave that’s made for mag covers. It’s a beautiful, long, barrelling right in the mold of HT’s in the Ments – but without the gnarly shallow end!



A bit further down south, this wave is good for a day trip. It’s worth the ride though! It’s a beautiful left-hander point break with an epic backdrop and pristine corals.



Made up of several separate waves, all of which work on different swell directions, the “yard” is about 10 minutes from the resort and open to the full brunt of swell. Schoolyards can offer everything from a “Sunset Beach” style open-ocean peak, to fun hittable rights and lefts. A trip to the yard always draws a smile.



An easy, user-friendly right that runs along the edge of a nearby island. Ideal at 3-5ft. Great for beginners and intermediate surfers, just 10 mins from your lodge.



Made up of two separate reef passes, the E.R. features multiple lefts and rights. Best on a very light to medium swell, the E.R. has a wave suited to all levels of experience. Generally the surf needs to be flat at our other breaks for this to be its best. The E.R. is also home to some amazing live coral and snorkeling. 25 minutes from the resort.



A shallow, tubing left suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. Dislocators is in a region to the south that is more suited to the advanced level surfer willing to leave a little skin on the reef. 35 minutes from the resort.



Wegs equals Kegs. An amazing coral point, 45 minutes south of the resort. Nothing but high-speed tubes.


Pinnacles on Telo Surf Guides

Pinnacles invest seriously in hiring and developing the best surf guides in the world: World-class surfers who focus on enhancing your experience, not their own. Whether you are learning the basics, looking to improve your turns, or are eager to be put in the spot to get the best barrels of your life, Pinnacles surf guides will be an invaluable resource.
19 Dec 2019 29 Dec 2019 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,040
29 Dec 2019 11 Jan 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 13 nights 8 €5,040
11 Jan 2020 20 Jan 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 9 nights 8 €5,021
20 Jan 2020 31 Jan 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 8 €5,021
31 Jan 2020 10 Feb 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,040
10 Feb 2020 21 Feb 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 7 €5,040
21 Feb 2020 01 Mar 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 9 nights 8 €5,040
01 Mar 2020 11 Mar 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
11 Mar 2020 21 Mar 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
21 Mar 2020 31 Mar 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
31 Mar 2020 08 Apr 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 8 nights 0 -
08 Apr 2020 16 Apr 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 8 nights 0 -
16 Apr 2020 26 Apr 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 3 €5,744
26 Apr 2020 07 May 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 1 €5,813
07 May 2020 17 May 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
17 May 2020 27 May 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
27 May 2020 06 Jun 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
06 Jun 2020 16 Jun 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
16 Jun 2020 28 Jun 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 12 nights 0 -
28 Jun 2020 08 Jul 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 0 -
08 Jul 2020 18 Jul 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 1 €5,832
18 Jul 2020 28 Jul 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 5 €5,813
28 Jul 2020 07 Aug 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,763
07 Aug 2020 17 Aug 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,763
17 Aug 2020 28 Aug 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 8 €5,763
28 Aug 2020 07 Sep 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,591
07 Sep 2020 18 Sep 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 8 €5,591
18 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,591
28 Sep 2020 07 Oct 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 9 nights 8 €5,591
07 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,591
17 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,591
27 Oct 2020 07 Nov 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 8 €5,040
07 Nov 2020 16 Nov 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 9 nights 8 €5,040
16 Nov 2020 27 Nov 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 8 €5,040
27 Nov 2020 06 Dec 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 9 nights 8 €5,040
06 Dec 2020 16 Dec 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 10 nights 8 €5,040
16 Dec 2020 28 Dec 2020 Bungalow - Surfer 12 nights 8 €5,040
28 Dec 2020 08 Jan 2021 Bungalow - Surfer 11 nights 8 €5,040
  • Prices above are per person prices, and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations until paid in full.
  • Above are surfers prices. Non-surfers prices are approximately 20% OFF - please check with your consultant.
  • These are example packages and most packages can be adjusted to cater for you requirements. Please contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.
  • Please click "Enquire Online" to email us or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf travel specialists.



  • Hassle free guest transfer: Met by a Pinnacles on Telo representative at the Medan airport and either transferred directly to their charter flight or taken to the JW Marriott in Medan should you require an overnight stay on your journey
  • In the surf within 4 hours from Singapore: Chartered round-trip air service from Medan to Pulau Telo where you will be met upon arrival with their porters and quickly taken to their covered speed boat to enjoy a short 20-minute ride to the lodge (typical transit time to other properties in the region takes +2 days on each end of the trip).
  • World Class surf: There are over 20 different breaks within an hour's drive of the lodge and 70% of them are within 20 minutes; all surf transfers included.
  • Empty Surf: The location of their lodge typically means only the guests at the lodge (maximum of 8) are the only ones out surfing the more than 20 different breaks within their immediate vicinity
  • Personalized Surf Experience: An industry leading western guide ratio of 4:1, with an added 2nd boat option this season for guests wanting to either sleep late, rise early or perhaps enjoy the warmth of a midday market visit.
  • Personalized Guest Service Experience: Their trained staff of 16 will provide you and your mates with a level of personalized guest service unmatched in the region and a hallmark of the warmth and hospitality they have provided over the last 18 years
  • Authentic Indonesian Culinary Experience: All inclusive 3-meal / day + daily sunset snacks catering from their Four Seasons trained chef and his staff
  • Industry Leading Guest Safety: They have the latest model defibrillator, oxygen, spinal board, neck braces and all new best in class safety and evacuation protocols in place in their charter to continue to lead the industry in guest safety
  • Non-surfing & family activities: Include kayaking, fishing, standup paddle boarding, snorkelling, cultural excursions, cooking classes or simply relaxing on the beach or beside their infinity-edge pool


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