D'Bora - Mentawai & Banyaks

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for 12 nights


Group - Surf Charter
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All-Women's Surf Trips
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Intermediate Waves

Surf Skill

Intermediate - Pro

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Price Range

€179 - €198 per night


February, March, April, June, July, August, September, October, November, May

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Shortboarders, Longboarders


The D'Bora is a massive 80-foot vessel running affordable quality surf charters in the Mentawai, Banyaks, Nias and Telos.
Her owners, Charlie Josal, Tom Plummer and Joey Melroy have teamed to create this unique vessel with all the modern amenities, but a decidedly local Indonesian architecture and flair. With many years combined experience in the Mentawais, they've pooled the best possible crew.
Quick Facts

      • Experienced operators
      • Massive boat
      • Great value
      • Renowned surf guide
      • Air conditioned
      • 3 beers/day included

The D'Bora is a massive 80-foot vessel running affordable quality surf charters in the Mentawais, Banyaks, Nias and Telo. Her owners, Charlie Josal, Tom Plummer and Joey Melroy have teamed to create this unique vessel with all the modern amenities, but a decidedly local Indonesian architecture and flair. D’Bora runs 12-night charters unless otherwise stated. 


They are owner-operators based full time in Padang with over 30 years combined experience chasing waves along the Sumatran coast. They’ve pooled the best possible crew with an onboard Western skipper, and will traverse between the Mentawais, Banyaks, Nias and Telos to get you your fill of waves, and then some.


Skipper/guide. Joey, Nick, Wade and Tom run the charters. They've all been doing it for quite a few seasons and aim to track down the best waves for the charter guests along with keeping an eye on all the other goings on onboard.


Captain Franky. Franky has been with the boat from the beginning. He started out as a deckie and has gradually worked his way up to take the position of vessel commander. He joined D'Bora in 2006 and is the man who will be driving through the night or up before dawn to make sure you are on the spot for a full day of waves. 


Ari - Guest Service. Ari honed his surf charterboat skills working across 3 boats. He is the guy who covers all your needs onboard.


Eka - Tender driver and 1st Mate. Eka has been going to sea since he was 13. Besides running you out to the lineup and promptly picking you up when your session is over, Eka also has an eye for precision when it’s time to take photos of you and your crew. However, his specialty is catching fish and there is no better pre-dinner snack than a plate of fresh tuna sashimi.


Hendro - Cook. Hendro has extensive Padang restaurant experience and decided to take on the challenge of a floating kitchen 3 years ago. He is quick to understand the tastes of charter guests and cooks a fresh and nutritious balance of Asian and Western meals.


Nanang - Engineer. The quiet achiever onboard D'Bora who spends a good portion of the charter working away in the bowels of the boat, Nanang is Javanese and joined D'Bora in 2010. He has previously worked on cargo boats traversing the length and breadth of Indo.

  • Two private cabins with a bunk-style bed setup, (the lower bed is slightly smaller than a standard double so can hold 2 people for couples wanting to snuggle).
  • The bunk room with 12 berths.
  • Two bathrooms.
  • Air-conditioning throughout the boat - private cabins, dorm and saloon.
  • Length: 80 ft.
  • Crusing speed: 8 knots.
  • Engine: Nissan RE8 300 hp.
  • Generator: 20 KvA x 2.
  • Radio: Icom HF and VHF.
  • Radar: Furuno 24 mile.
  • GPS: Garmin.
  • Sounder: Garmin.
  • 25 person SOLAS liferaft.
  • Flares.
  • Lifejackets.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • TV, DVD and stereo with I-pod jack.
  • Large top deck area with tunes for chilling out & meals.
  • New tender : Suzuki 175hp. Speed 35kts. Length 18 ft.
  • Rigid Hull Zodiac with 15hp Yamaha.
  • Return airport transfers.
  • Air-conditioned accommodation in either private cabin or dorm.
  • 3 hearty meals per day and snacks in between.
  • 3 beers per day.
  • Juice, drinking water, soft-drinks and hot drinks.
  • Use of snorkelling and fishing equipment.
  • Zone permits and local donations.


Not included: 

  • Every surfer visiting the Mentawai is required to pay the Mentawai Regional Government Surfer Tax of IDR 1,000,000 for 15 days surfing in the region. This is normally paid on arrival in cash (Indonesian Rupiah) and collected by the local operator before departing Padang. You will be issued a wristband with dates. Please ensure you have this for your entire stay in the Mentawai.


29 Feb 2020 12 Mar 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
Surf Off The Peak: Save AU$370 p/p
14 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
Surf Off The Peak: Save AU$370 p/p
28 Mar 2020 09 Apr 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
11 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 5 €2,380
25 Apr 2020 07 May 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
09 May 2020 21 May 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
30 May 2020 11 Jun 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
13 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
27 Jun 2020 09 Jul 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
11 Jul 2020 23 Jul 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
25 Jul 2020 06 Aug 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
08 Aug 2020 20 Aug 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
22 Aug 2020 03 Sep 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
05 Sep 2020 17 Sep 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
19 Sep 2020 01 Oct 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
03 Oct 2020 15 Oct 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
17 Oct 2020 29 Oct 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
31 Oct 2020 12 Nov 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,144
Surf Off The Peak: Save AU$370 p/p
14 Nov 2020 26 Nov 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 8 €2,144
Surf Off The Peak: Save AU$370 p/p
28 Nov 2020 10 Dec 2020 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,144
02 Jan 2021 14 Jan 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,361
16 Jan 2021 28 Jan 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,361
30 Jan 2021 11 Feb 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,361
13 Feb 2021 25 Feb 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
27 Feb 2021 11 Mar 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
13 Mar 2021 25 Mar 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
27 Mar 2021 08 Apr 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
10 Apr 2021 22 Apr 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
24 Apr 2021 06 May 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
22 May 2021 03 Jun 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
05 Jun 2021 17 Jun 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 0 -
19 Jun 2021 01 Jul 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
03 Jul 2021 15 Jul 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,361
17 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
31 Jul 2021 12 Aug 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
14 Aug 2021 26 Aug 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
28 Aug 2021 09 Sep 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
11 Sep 2021 23 Sep 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
25 Sep 2021 07 Oct 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
09 Oct 2021 21 Oct 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
23 Oct 2021 04 Nov 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
06 Nov 2021 18 Nov 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
20 Nov 2021 02 Dec 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
04 Dec 2021 16 Dec 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
18 Dec 2021 30 Dec 2021 Surf Charter 12 nights 10 €2,380
  • Price is per person and subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.
  • Price is based on 10 person min. exclusive charter.
  • International & Domestic Flights – The Perfect wave is a fully licensed wholesale travel agent that has experienced consultants ready to package flights into your package. Please make sure you get flights packaged into your quote as we get the best rate flight prices from the best airlines.
  • Please click Enquire Online to email us, or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf experience specialists.
  • Every surfer visiting the Mentawai is required to pay the Mentawai Regional Government Surfer Tax of IDR 1,000,000 for 15 days surfing in the region. This is normally paid on arrival in cash (Indonesian Rupiah) and collected by the local operator before departing Padang. You will be issued a wristband with dates. Please ensure you have this for your entire stay in the Mentawai.


The Perfection Pass Membership Benefits:

The Perfection Pass is the world’s first surf travel loyalty program. If you are a repeat client of The Perfect Wave, please apply for your membership and enjoy the following extra inclusions if you jump on a trip with D’Bora (Mentawai surf charter):

  • Free case of beer for every Perfection Pass holder from The Perfect Wave


Disclaimer - This surf trip is an independent surf operator and is not part of or in partnership with The Perfect Wave Travel Co. The Perfect Wave acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, land based accommodation and boat charter operators. The Perfect Waves obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. The Perfect Wave has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.

Other Surf Experiences

Matt (May 2019)

Thanks Joey and Team for an amazing experience. I have already had multiple people requesting the details of the boat to plan a trip for themselves. As they say, word of mouth is the best advertising you can do, and I will have no hesitation in recommending Joey and the Team for the trip of a lifetime. Looking forward to planning another trip in the near future.

Cameron (July 2016)
The D'Bora is an awesome boat. Plenty of room to gather together or slip away on your own, very comfortable. The crew had everything under control. When we were out surfing they were cleaning and preparing for our return. The food was grouse, great variety and plenty of it. Nick our guide had it dialled in. At first light we were in the water on our own, usually surfing 3-4 times a day, quite often our last surf each day was us only as well. Pretty insane considering it was peak season. We got great waves every day. Surf, Eat, Sleep Repeat. I'm already booking it again for next year. Thanks D'Bora and crew for an Insane trip. Cam

Michael (September 2015)
What an amazing FIRST experience to the Ments!! I feel very lucky to have explored the waves and sites of the Ments on the D'Bora with such a friendly and professional crew. From the surf guide to the deck hands, it was a well oiled machine and I could not have asked for more. We had all the creature comforts of home (plus more!!) and snuck into the lineup at first light every day to score pumping waves. Our guide Joey always thought outside the square and was open and honest with us which made things feel like a real team environment. I'll be back for sure and hopefully on the D'Bora to do it all again.

Tye (April 2015)
The overall experience from booking the trip, arriving at my destination, and the return back home was great! 
The crew on board our boat were professional, hilarious and put out an awesome vibe! The speed at which they worked, when the boat broke down was tremendous. With all odds against them, they were back up and running after a day and a half, whilst still keeping us entertained in the down time! Cheers Legends!

Thomas (September 2014)
My 2nd trip the Ments, 1st on D’Bora.
Couldn't have asked for a better crew and surf guide, food was mental, boat so stable compared to other boats and the waves were pumping.
Thanks Again

Blake (September 2014)
Perfect wave did a great job to ensure all 10 of us were organized and ready for our trip. D'Bora was the best boat with a great crew, food was amazing and Adam our guide is a legend and had us first on the spots every time. We scored amazing waves couldn't have wished for a better trip! Cheers to PW and the D'Bora crew, hope to see you again in the not to distant future.
Thanks Again


Had a sick time on D'bora! Boat is spacious, well set up, crew and food were great. Our guide Ryan really knew his shit and got us some sick waves away from the crowds for a few days. His Mentawai knowledge is second to none. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending or booking again.-Peter

Experience Begun: October 2014
Created on: Wednesday 29 October 2014

My 2nd trip the Ments, 1st on Debora.Couldn't have asked for a better crew and surf guide, food was mental, boat so stable compared to other boats and the waves were pumping.Thanks Again

Experience Begun: August 2014
Created on: Tuesday 23 September 2014

Perfect wave did a great job to ensure all 10 of us were organized and ready for our trip. D'Bora was the best boat with a great crew, food was amazing and Adam our guide is a legend and had us first on the spots every time. We scored amazing waves couldn't have wished for a better trip! Cheers to PW and the D'Bora crew, hope to see you again in the not too distant future.Thanks AgainBlake

Experience Begun: August 2014
Created on: Tuesday 23 September 2014

Scored some great early season waves, we were stoked. The D'Bora boat itself is true luxury living in the ments. It is five star all the way. It was by far the best boat out there. Food on board was amazing - really tasty, lots of it and great variety. All of the Indo crew were awesome - always smiling and happy, couldn't ask for anything more from them, they did a top notch job. Our surf guide Joey was very experienced and knew exactly what he he was doing and where to go to score the best waves.

Experience Begun: March 2014
Created on: Wednesday 2 April 2014

We spent 12 nights on the D'Bora from late Feb to early March. To say we scored was an understatement. There were only 6 surfers on our boat 4 Aussies and 2 legend fellas from San Diego, Aaron and Matt.From cruising into empty 6 ft Lances Left on our first morning, and finishing with 6ft plus perfect, empty Scarecrows, on our last, the trip was everything we could have asked for. We managed to be on the boat for Joey's second last trip before finishing up - that bloke is a bloody legend. He knows the islands inside and out, and nothing was too much trouble.The crew on the D'Bora are a credit to themselves always happy to help, whether it be dropping us out for a surf, or Ruli cooking up a storm in the kitchen. And to have a chance to surf with a couple of the crew was awesome.Joey had us in the right spot at the right time to make the most of the swell, and we were fortunate enough to score 2 decent swells on our trip. Even when the swell was "small" by Mentawai standard, big Joey knew where to find waves. If that meant a 4am start for the crew, that's what they did, they were awesome. We surfed most of our sessions by ourselves, at one stage surfing 6-8ft Lances Left with just 2 of us out.....unbelievable!I can not rate the D'Bora high enough. The boat was cleaned top to bottom everyday, fresh, delicious food every day, fridge always filled with cold beer.I would highly recommend the D'Bora, and I would highly recommend The Perfect Wave team to help you get there. Cheers. Rob

Experience Begun: March 2014
Created on: Thursday 20 March 2014

Went on an off-season trip to the Ments and scored. The guys from The Perfect Wave were great in organising the trip with an awesome boat and crew and the best surf guide who got us awesome waves on 10 out of 12 days.

Experience Begun: February 2014
Created on: Thursday 6 February 2014

A trip which exceeded all my expectations! Awesome waves, fantastic boat and crew and wonderful memories!

Experience Begun: December 2013
Created on: Friday 24 January 2014

The D'Bora and everything associated with their side of the trip was fantastic: great boat, fabulous guide and crew, all bases covered.

Experience Begun: December 2013
Created on: Friday 24 January 2014

We didn't have Joey as he was having a short break. We had Ben and he is from Gerringong which is about 10 minutes from my hometown. Weird!! Great guy and took us where we needed to go. Had us ahead of other boats most of the time. Met Tom also. I would def recommend the D'Bora and when I go again I will be going on that boat. It has by far the best outdoor area of all the boats we saw and the price was usually much cheaper. Gus

Experience Begun: August 2013
Created on: Wednesday 11 September 2013

We had a great trip mixed with plenty of waves, excellent food, interesting side trips and a fantastic crew. Our guide managed to find us uncrowded waves even when there were lots of other boats and land camps in the area. I would highly recommend the Telos and Banyaks for surfers of all levels.

Experience Begun: August 2013
Created on: Thursday 12 September 2013

This was my first trip to the mentawai islands traveling on the dbora surf charters , it was the trip of a lifetime the crew on the boat managed by joey was amazing . The waves where perfect the food was perfect and the local knowledge of joey and the crew was second to none . To Gina and the perfect wave crew thanks again for organising my trip I would recommend it to anyone , and I will be back thanks again , nick brydon !!!!

Experience Begun: July 2013
Created on: Thursday 8 August 2013
Steve Penn

Joey and the crew, both onboard and back in Padang, made for a perfect start to my 40th year. You couldn't ask for a more comfortable boat. Joey never missed a beat with the waves. Even with the small (big enough for this dude) swell we surfed at least once a day, often two or three times. Cheers Charlie at the Perfect wave for all your help and advice. Could not have been happier. Even with the eight nutters from the East coast he stuck us with. For those guys all I can say is … "it was better that Triggs!"

Experience Begun: March 2013
Created on: Friday 26 July 2013

Perfect Wave did what a good travel company should do and efficiently organise the admin and processes of the travel. Getting groups of bloke surfers to attend to all the boring admin is a huge challenge but our consultant was politely persistent and made sure everything fell into place well. My 3rd trip to the Mentawais and would rate the service and experience with D'Bora as outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and they were always accommodating to the varying needs of all of our group. No hesitation recommending Perfect Wave or the D'Bora for a surf trip to the Mentawais.

Experience Begun: June 2013
Created on: Monday 22 July 2013

Great crew, great waves, great times! Can't wait to do it again!

Experience Begun: October 2012
Created on: Thursday 29 November 2012

what a trip alright. Honestly I am still digesting , processing, trying to comprehend what I have just done. In a nutshell : I surfed for ten days straight, from day 2's survival session at 8'-10' (Hawaiian) HTs to all out fun sessions at Melakopa and all in between. I copped some serious floggings and also scored some long tubes, getting spat out to the sound of yelling and hoots from drunken mates and neighboring boats. I am still blown away. I will never hear Inxs the same again without thinking of this trip. We broke the boat record for most beers consumed and I even came home with a mohawk. Since being home as time goes on, the significance of my trip just slowly unravels and shows me that I had an absolute blast. The waves never got below head high. It was always offshore. We were told it was about as good and big as it gets at HTs - and we were there. Joey is the coolest cat in the Mentawais and I think what made the trip a success was our collaboration of crew and guests. We went along with Joey's suggestions which resulted in the best waves, minimal crowd and more beer. Ii believe we could of just f@%ked it all up if we were demanding with ideas we weren't even sure about due to too much reading of surf mags etc. but we left it all to the professional and just went for the ride. I believe Joey made decisions based on what was best for us and what would be best for the crew and always found a happy medium. We all always came up on top. Rhonda, my whole dealing with The Perfect Wave was a unique situation. From day one when The Perfect Wave was aware I was onboard, to this very day, you and your company were perfect. D'bora was like a log cabin on the ocean, very cozy, heaps of food, snacks, drinks, beer. I met some very nice folks (Joey and crew)...friends for life. With all my heart I thank you and your staff in Sydney and I thank again (again and again) Joey and the crew for the most memorable surf trip ever. I am still lost somewhere in the Mentawais. how do I top that trip?! Aloha, Toby

Experience Begun: June 2012
Created on: Thursday 26 July 2012

Hi Rhonda,"Wow" we just had the best trip. Mentawai’s is heaven for surfing! I had already discovered this on other trips but this trip was the best because of the whole package that was offered to us – waves, swell, winds and the Gods were all on our side!The boat was so well suited to having 10 blokes with their boards and had ample space around the boat including shade covers, sitting arrangements, board racks etc. It was as good as it gets.The Tender boat was big enough to take 10 blokes to any break & ski behind – what more could you want.The boat crew were always there to help with good food, surf pickups/ drop offs, fixing board dings and every day they offered a friendly smile.Last but certainly one of the most important things was the surf guide Joey. After being on six other boat trips and having a range of different guides, Joey was the most professional guide. He put the surfers first, catered for everyone’s needs/wants, knew the breaks in detail, provided terrific photography, provided great insight into the local cultures, arranged early morning surfs, a fridge full of cold drinks and beer. He did this with such a professional quiet manner that I would certainly be following him on any other surf boat he was guiding as I know it would be professionally run.Paul

Experience Begun: June 2012
Created on: Tuesday 17 July 2012

Fantastic trip. Fantastic boat. Fantastic surf guide. Another spectacular trip to the Mentawais. This time on the D'Bora. Where do I start....... The BoatBig, bold and beautiful!!!!!! Spacious. Great shaded decks, front and back. Beer fridge in the right spot. Well maintained boat with a very fast tender that was utilised on several occasions to fulfill our surfing requirements. The tender fitted all 10 surfers and was still capable of plenty of speed. The CrewLike all indo crews they work hard to ensure your trip is a "trip of a lifetime" or "trip of the year". The captain made sure we were at the breaks before sunup every morning which is of major importance to me as I like the early surf. Sometimes in the water at 5.50AM, when it was still dark. It was great to see Joey egg me on to do this. The crew made sure all our requirements were met, picking us up from the surf and returning us to the mother ship, brekky, making our rooms tidy,ect. Joey (surf guide) Joey was the most standout performer with this package on th eD'Bora. As you know, I was a little sceptacle about using an expat as a surf guide as I have had bad experiences in the past. Not with Joey. I really enjoyed Joey's drive and enthusiasm to ensure we were in the best possible location. It was all the little things that he did to ensure we all had a great trip. Surf We had swell and the wind gods were on our side. We are in the Mentawais. I think the crowds are getting thicker but..... with 12 hrs of possible surf time a day, you can always fit in somewhere to get your fix of waves. As you know we are booked for the same time next year on the D'Bora.....Can't wait.

Experience Begun: June 2012
Created on: Wednesday 18 July 2012

Hey RhondaSorry I yet even replay to you how we going on boat, it really awesome and brilliant trip we had been.Joey is best guide with us on trip, we really hard to describe what we feel like on the boat for 12 days.Many thanks for organizing this booking.After boat trip then I went to Bali with my wife it awesome trip, villa and more other things are amazing and we'll never forget what we enjoyed adventure from trip boat and Bali too.Many thanks Chris

Experience Begun: June 2012
Created on: Wednesday 4 July 2012

Hi Rhonda,Mentawais was absolutely awesome. Best time of my life by far!!! Thanks for everything and organising it all for us deafies. Could you forward me Scott and Dan email address from the East Coast of the USA. I want to collect everyone favourite photos and put them on the Deaf Boardriders Australia Facebook site.Attached is a shot of me at HT by Joey. He was a cool mellow guy and a great guide!!Rodney

Experience Begun: May 2012
Created on: Friday 8 June 2012

Hey Rhonda, I had a great time with my trip. I love their boat crew, they are very friendly and helpful with everything. Surf guide/Photographer/Manager of D'Bora.. Joey treated us really well. His photos of us are awesome. He knows what he's doing with us... balanced with everyone else like for example... he would take us to the left spots or advanced spot for the beginning of our trip then he realized that most of us on the boat are regulars and some of em are intermediate level... so he took us to all different spots that would suit for all of us. I love all advanced spots...but other spots r fun too, sometimes he would take me to other spot around the corner while everyone else is surfing at the spot that they wanted to. He thought about every individual/person. He kept ask us all day if we re good?, hungry? thirsty? any questions? I'm impressed with him. NO REGRET with him! FOOD IS INCREDIBLE n DELICIOUS. That money is worth for every MEALS!!! He made like $20-$30 worth of meal for dinner everyday like I would usually see on the menu in restaurants. I meant it... WOW! I wish I could bring the CHEF home with me. ha! The rest of the CREW has been great to us, especially with gestures in sign languages. Everyone on the boat love em. They can be really funny sometimes. The boat is really nice, old school style with some characters in it. NO problems with bed, bathroom, dining area, bar area, living room, etc... I'm stoked what I' ve been going thru with this TRIP. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! If I plan to go back... I would go with D'BORA again. I wouldn't care about all other luxury/speed boats. THIS BOAT HAS A GREAT CREW and FOOD!!That's all I can say. Hope that's enough for you to hear about it. 🙂 I will reach thru you if I plan to go back again. Thanks for everything!! 🙂 Daniel

Experience Begun: May 2012
Created on: Tuesday 5 June 2012

The cook on board was a bloody legend! To cook that well in a space that small for ten hungry blokes is no mean feat, he deserves an medal!Joey, our guide made the trip helping us score perfect waves and with few people on them. The addition of Joel (saltmotion) was awesome, with the trip over I now have the photos of myself in the some of the best waves I have ever had. I would recommend a surf trip with Joel again and would in fact look to book onto any trip he is on, or any other surf photographer as a good as him? He put the photos first and his own surfing second - which I was impressed with.Awesome boat, top class food with the freshest best sushi/sashimi (20 mins ocean to plate) - courtesy of the rods out the back! Topped off with world class surf photography for the photo album by Saltmotion, it doesn't get much better!

Experience Begun: September 2011
Created on: Tuesday 8 November 2011

Let me just start by saying we had an amazing trip, a few freindships were forged for life. Many laughs were had. Our trip was an interesting one because the crew onboard differed considerably in skill level. This made it interesting for our surf guide Joey, he had to cater to guys who wanted the biggest barrels of the day and also guys who wanted to surf more mellow waves and he pulled it off perfectly. The days of the biggest swells we were at the gnarlier waves getting barreled off our head in perfect glass conditions-and NO OTHER BOATS to be seen! On the smaller days we attacked the more mellow spots and the whole crew got to tear apart the waves. Even with the consistent southerly weather Joey had us on the best spots for each day with the least crowds. The crew were amazing and always there to help out.Even though Im non-famous, I felt a little bit famous for 2 weeks.

Experience Begun: September 2011
Created on: Friday 21 October 2011

What a great trip! We lucked in and had a well balanced group of personalities- and we got three separate swells. It was an awesome time. Big thanks to Joel (saltmotion.com) for his hard work, and also to the D'Bora crew!

Experience Begun: September 2011
Created on: Wednesday 12 October 2011

This Indo trip is one that I will never forget! It was complete with everything I could have asked for. Constant entertainment, comedy, the fish were biting, and most of all we scored epic waves!! What a great crew and experience! Special thanks to Joel (saltmotion photography) for capturing all of the moments on film, it was the icing on the cake. Mad skills mate! Lets coordinate another one for the record books next year?? Cheers,

Experience Begun: September 2011
Created on: Wednesday 12 October 2011

Hi Josh,D'Bora was awesome, I’ve been on 4 other boats before and nothing comes close to how good D'Bora is. D'Bora has so much room, comfy seats, lots of shad. Boards are away and not under people feet. The crew and food were amazing and everything was smooth transferring through Pedang.

Experience Begun: June 2011
Created on: Tuesday 5 July 2011

It was all good and we are planning next years trip already after only being back for five days... both last years and this years trip on the D'Bora were perfect and the waves outstanding! There may be other good vessels and resorts out there but we were lucky to strike the D'Bora first up. Legend boat, crew and shore staff! The fact that there are added benifets on this vessel by meeting and helping the local Mentawai people setting up fresh water filtration units only adds to the experience of surfing the best waves in the world. One very stoked fella as I know the rest of the team are!! The Perfect Wave have been great as well! Totally professional and friendly service! We will be booking for next year real soon!

Experience Begun: May 2011
Created on: Friday 10 June 2011

Dear Rhonda,Finally recovering from the surf trip of a lifetime. I really don’t know where to start! We had pumping waves for the whole ten days including HT’s the best Joey had seen it in his time in the Mentawais Islands. Two to four surfs a day for ten days in world class waves....wow! I don’t know when it is really going to sink in! I would recommend the D’Bora team to any person or group wanting to surf the Mentawais. In my eyes they are the best!! Some of us were expecting to probably lose a bit of weight on the trip but there was no possible way about that getting restaurant quality meals made for us from the chef (Seeka) every day! Three cooked meals a day and really healthy meals at that! At first we all felt that we had to chip in and help with things around the boat like washing dishes and that sort of thing however everything was done for us including making the beds and folding up clothing around the beds in the dorm.•Captain Ali is a great captain and we all absolutely loved his dry sense of humour.•Eka provided great local knowledge (including fishing) and his experience on the tender and around the Islands picking us up from the breaks was bloody fantastic.•Amae took over fixing some dings in my board and did a terrific job and was handy with the tender’s and also had a great sense of humour.•Herman is a great engineer! I don’t know how old he is but his engineering skills at what I believe is a very young age is a credit to him. Being a skipper and engineer in a past life I was totally amazed when they allowed me to have a look in the engine room. Really clean and well organised.•Seeka is the newest crew member on the boat and should be cooking at the Hilton or something. Hardly left the galley all day and provided the best healthiest meals ever.•And finally Joey.....he is absolutely on the money when it comes to finding the waves. We basically told him to take us where the waves are and he did that (exceeded expectations). Joeys passion for the local people shines through and I felt very privileged that he asked us if we wanted to assist him setting up a water filtration system at a health clinic at a village just around the corner from Lances Left on our last day. Vinnie and myself took up the offer and these memories will stay with me forever. Joey and Tom are absolute legends for what they are doing to help the local people of the Mentawais! Meeting other people in the network of friends and associates of the D’Bora the trip on this boat is something really special. I thank you so much for placing our group on this boat after the trouble the other boat had. It sounds as though we may have had a nightmare trip on that one!On a bit of a down note, I would not recommend anyone fly Air Asia. The way they cancelled the flight on us out of Padang on the way home was absolute bullshit. I am sure that these things do happen from time to time but after being totally burnt out after ten days of surfing and having the best trip ever it was a very long day of travelling. Speaking for myself, and I am sure the other feel the same way, I am very grateful of all your assistance in making our trip truly the best holiday I have ever had. I personally hope to get back on the D’Bora within the next two years and will definitely go through the Perfect Wave Travel Co.I will be telling anyone interested in a surf trip that the Mentawais Islands is the place to go and that the Perfect Wave and the D’Bora is the only way to go!Kindest Regards,Rick

Experience Begun: April 2010
Created on: Thursday 19 August 2010

Hi Rhonda,Just got back on Saturday from the Mentawai's trip. We had a fantastic time and scored some awesome waves. The D'Bora is amazing - huge, clean and very spacious with heaps of outdoor deck space and much of it being shaded which is ideal.The crew were especially good and apart from the classic waves, they absolutely made the trip! The cook (Yani) fed us very well with her delicious meals, captain Ali always had us motoring smoothly, and the rest of the guys (Amae, Herman, Jensen, & Eka) were fantastic also. Time after time going out of their way to run us out to the breaks, and kept everything very tidy and constantly smiling. Joey, our surf guide was brilliant. He always had us on the spot, and took some awesome shots of us out in the water (see attachments). He's very friendly and always up for rounds of cards and beers in the arvos and after dinner. Each night he opened the discussion about the possible options for our next day of surfing, depending on tomorrows forecast winds, swell, and crowds, etc. He could've easily not have done so, kept quiet and taken us to whatever spot he choose and was easiest for him on the schedule but he didn't. Even still, he probably would've been right anyway because he is extremely knowledgeable about the Mentawai's, but it was good to know our options. An awesome guy, and we all plan to keep in touch with him in future.All in all, it was a fantastic trip Rhonda. I'll let the photos speak for themselves about the waves we got. Thanks heaps for sorting everything out for us, it was an absolute breeze getting there and back with all the info and bookings you made for us. The only thing we might do different next time is dodge the budget Air Asia trips to/and from KL. It was under our instruction to go the dirt cheap option, so not your fault at all. But yeh, maybe next time we might fork out a bit more for the easier transfers.Thanks again Rhonda. We'll be back to book with you again for sure, and no doubt it'll be on the mighty D'Bora. I'm already day dreaming about the trip during my first lecture's back at uni, haha..Cheers,Ollie – Beauty Point, NSWJuly09

Experience Begun: July 2009
Created on: Friday 12 February 2010