URBNSURF  Exclusive Bookings Invite 🌊


Imagine being able to catch one of the best waves you have ever ridden…. and then do it again 2 minutes later, and again, and again, and again!


Each time learning and adapting your ride and getting your approach, positioning and maneuvers totally dialled! To be able to do this without crowd pressure, knowing that when your wave comes, its yours. Even better, to ride incredible waves with your mates and looking on and photographers capturing the shot. Sounds like a surfing dream we all will travel the world for!


Guess what, you can get this experience only 5 minutes from Melbourne Airport.



Perfect Wave have teamed with URBNSURF to offer surfers individual and group bookings at Australia’s first public accessible surf park.



The URBN Surf Experience includes:

  • 5 hours of unlimited surfing in the URBNSURF Lagoon (for intermediate to advanced-level surfers)
  • Wave playlist featuring all the waves (including The Beast)
  • Limited to 30 surfers per session
  • Cabanas and poolside furniture to relax
  • Dedicated surf guide
  • Access to amenities including changing rooms, bathrooms and hot showers
  • Water and healthy snacks included


You can also bring a plus one for a 1hr & 45min Learn To Surf Lesson in The Bay (beginner surfing zone). This guest will not be able to surf at The Point under any circumstances or can also be a non-surfing guest.


Private hire costs:


Either the Left or the Right at The Point – $1,250 per hour (wave settings as per the schedule below).


Both sides of The Point – $2,500 per hour. You can choose between intermediate and advanced settings.


Occupancy per side of The Point is 18 guests surfing.



How about you get your Boardriders Club and book your next club round competition and find out who really is the best surfer?