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Hotel Daimaru is a beautifully decorated, traditional style Japanese inn well suited to skiers looking for a taste of local culture in Akakura. The hotel is modelled off the classic ryokan, or medieval style Japanese inn. Ryokan have existed across Japan for centuries, and Daimaru combines the old ways with modern amenities. Along with traditional Japanese rooms, they also have standard western rooms, plus a choice of western and Japanese food. They also have some great on site hot springs. Internet is available in the lobby and other common areas. Outside the hotel, there’s plenty of restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity. The ski slopes are also just a stone’s throw away.


Quick Facts
    • Traditional style Japanese inn
    • On site hot spring
    • Great Japanese food
    • Internet available
    • Western and Japanese rooms
    • Close to slopes

Hotel Daimaru is conveniently located near the downtown in Akakura Onsen Village. Its location makes it extremely easy to access slopes in Akakura Onsen Ski Resort. The closest slope is just a three minute walk from the front door (or 100 meters away after crossing the road in front of the hotel entrance).

Akakura is smack bang in the middle of some of Japan's best skiing country. Despite being very well known in Japan, the region isn't overwhelmed with tourists, and the crowds are noticeably smaller than in ski areas of the same quality elsewhere in the world. The region sees long seasons and plenty of snow, making it perfect for a winter getaway.

The hotel itself boasts a traditional Japanese style with an authentic atmosphere. If you don't want to go for the full on, authentic experience, Hotel Daimaru also has hybrid Japanese/western rooms. These rooms have traditional Japanese features like tatami mats, along with western comforts like raised beds.

They have on site hot springs, great locally sourced food and helpful staff that know the local area well. All up, the combination of convenient location, style and great food makes Hotel Daimaru a fantastic choice for anyone hoping to relax in comfort in Akakura.


Hotel Daimaru has two main room types. The first is a combination Japanese /western style room. The combination style room has two beds, along with tatami mats and authentic Japanese decorations. The second type of room is in a more typical Japanese style. Expect sleeping futons and other traditional amenities.

Sleeping on a Japanese futon on tatami-matted floor is the traditional Japanese style, and it's worth trying at least once. You never know, you might find yourself preferring it!

All rooms are provided with 48 meters squared spacious living space, and an ensuite bathroom. All up, both types of rooms are well suited to families and small groups.

All rooms include:

  • Bathroom amenities
  • Yukata (a light cotton kimono)
  • Refrigerator
  • Hot water pot
  • Set of teapot and cups for Japanese tea
  • Internet is available in Lobby lounge and Washer can be used in public.

The hotel also offers some good quality Japanese food, made with locally sourced ingredients. Niigata prefecture produces Japan's best rice. Myoko itself often gets up to 13 meters of snow on average each year, meaning there's plenty of fresh mountain water to go around. This means great rice.

The local sake is also strongly recommended. Don't forget to order a drop, either cold or hot with Japanese cuisine.



The hotel is relatively easy to reach by public or private transport.


[Getting to Myoko by car]

Travel Joshin-etsu Expressway and get off at Myokokogen Interchange, and then keep driving toward Joetsu by National Route 18 and turn left at the cross section of "Toyohashi". Akakura Onsen Ski Resort is approximately 7 minutes from Myokokogen Interchange.

If you come from the direction of Joetsu by the National Route 18, turn right at the cross section of "Tagiri".


[Getting to Myoko by Train]

From Tokyo

From Tokyo Station to Nagano Staiton pasengers board the Nagano Shinkansen ( Asama ). (1hr 40min ) Transfer at Nagano Staiton to the JR Shin-etsu Line to Myokokogen Staiton.( 40min)


From Osaka, Kyoto & Nagoya

From Shin-Osaka or Kyoto Staiton catch the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya, Travelling time- 55 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station or 40 minutes from Kyoto Station. Transfer at Nagano Station to the JR Shin-etsu Line to Myokokogen Station. 

Hotel staff can pick you up at the station. Just make sure to let them know of your arrival time in advance.

Surf & Other Activities

The Myoko region is famed throughout Japan for its great winter sports. Getting to the slopes is easy from Daimaru. The closest ski area is less than a five minute walk from the front door, and dozens of other slopes are easily accessible. In summer, the entire Myoko region thaws, and becomes a wilderness perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Lastly, Daimaru has one more trick up its sleeve: an onsite hot spring, known in Japan as an onsen. The hotel is served by a fresh natural onsen water 24 hours a day, directly running from the source of Akakura Onsen on the south sides of the central cone of Mount Myoko.

Myoko itself has three different types of natural onsen.

Varying mineral compositions makes the three different in color as well. Akakura Onsen is clear in Their Onsen is located on the 4th floor, and has a fine view of the surrounding countryside. From the onsen, you can actually see the top of Mount Myoko covered with snow in winter, and adorned with red and yellow colored trees in autumn. The view of sun rising is pretty outstanding, and a good incentive to get out of bed early.


Room type
Travel dates
1 night Wa-Yo with ensuite Shower (Based on 2pax) Package €537 Per person 01 Dec-26 Dec, 03 Jan-09 Jan, 11 Jan-16 Jan, 17 Jan-19 Jan, 24 Jan-30 Jan, 31 Jan-06 Feb, 07 Feb-13 Feb, 22 Feb-27 Feb, 28 Feb-01 May
1 night Wa-Yo with ensuite Shower (Based on 2pax) Package €569 Per person 26 Dec-30 Dec, 09 Jan-11 Jan, 16 Jan-17 Jan, 23 Jan-24 Jan, 30 Jan-31 Jan, 06 Feb-07 Feb, 13 Feb-14 Feb, 20 Feb-21 Feb, 27 Feb-28 Feb
1 night Wa-Yo with ensuite Shower (Based on 2pax) Package €784 Per person 30 Dec-03 Jan
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  • Return airport transfer
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 5 days lift pass
  • Free internet


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