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Hotel La Neige Higashikan is a luxurious 21-room, 5-star hotel located in the charming, scenic woods of Hakuba. The peaceful location and comfortable yet elegant surroundings combine with stylish Western-style guestrooms to make a stay at Hotel La Neige Higashikan an experience not soon forgotten. Our log cabin facilities, separate from the main building, are popular with families. The base of Happo-One ski resort is a short 5-minute walk away. Shuttle bus service to other areas of Happo and other resorts is also available.

At La Neige Higashikan, every relaxing room is a unique boutique-styled experience. The hotel offers 11 large, stylish deluxe rooms with large Jacuzzi and separate glass shower as well as 10 elegant standard rooms. 4 log cabins complete with comfortable bedrooms, lounge room and bathroom are available for families or larger groups.

Quick Facts
    • Walking distance to lifts
    • Hot Tub
    • On-site reaturant and bar
    • Souvenir and boutique shopping
    • Complimetary wireless
    • Complimentary shuttle bus service to ski resorts and JR Hakuba station
    • Massage service
La Neige hotel is a small, private and world-class 5 star boutique style hotel with 22 individually styled rooms. Quiet, comfortable and contemporary, the rooms combine lush, warm and modern accents with large open style bathrooms. Culinary excellence characterizes La Neige hotel's superb restaurant offerings, with 5 course meals followed by excellent wines, complimented by attentive, friendly and obliging service.

There are also four log cabins, which are separate to the main building, housing the room accommodations. Three of the cabins have been furnished with adequate modern comforts and the fourth has a much higher standard, with traditional Japanese ornaments, tapestries and personalized comforts. All of the cabins have a master bedroom, lounge room, bathroom and twin bedroom attached.

Conveniently located at the base of Happo-One Ski Resort, La Neige hotel is approximately 5 minutes walk to the closest lifts at the Sakka ski area. At La Neige hotel, personalized attention, comfort and endearing hospitality are a way of life.
Junior Suite A type JA5
We drew our inspiration for this design from a Baker House chair with a beautiful rose textile.? The walls, floors, paintings, furniture, etc are based on this dark red color. 
The room is decorated with textiles of the Jouy region in France and a fashionable canopied bed. You can spend a relaxing time in the largest guestroom of our hotel. 
There is a make-up space in the bathroom.
Junior Suite B type J05
The interior design of this room is a combination of Japanese and Western styles.? In the living room, an elaborate Kuruma-Danse (Japanese wardrobe) is placed, and Belgian-made Japanese apricot patterned wallpaper helps make this room seem fuller. The custom-ordered sofa adds an accent to this room. The bedroom is coordinated with different types of red from the living room. Loosen yourself up in the Jacuzzi bath while seeing the whole view of the forest.
Junior Suite B type J10
The British style interior such as the rose curtain, bedspread, etc. creates a comfortable atmosphere in this room. Lying down on the bed, you feel the playfulness of the trees and sunshine. From this corner room, you can enjoy three different views of the forest. You bathe while looking at the nice view though wide windows. Have fun communicating with nature; songs of birds, whisper of the wind, the murmur of a stream.
Corner Deluxe CD1
The image of this room is of a farmhouse in the middle of an olive field in Grasse, Province region, southern France. A red and earthy-colored interior coordination brings a warm feeling to your heart. European marble is used for the floor, and the stone fireplace adds an accent to this room. When winter comes, northern Alpine Hakuba-Noriikura Mountain is at its best.
Corner Deluxe CD2
Furniture designed by Baker House and Barbara Barry, Los Angeles interior designer creates a modern and contemporary atmosphere. This room is stylized based on dark brown colors. Same as the other rooms, the color and design of linens, curtains, paintings, etc. in this room are all harmonized together. This is the perfect room for guests who want to enjoy a natural environment and urban tastes at the same time.
Corner Deluxe CD8
This room is designed based on the image of a family who often stay in our hotel. Plenty of sunshine come though windows and create opened space. Roughly painted south France, Province style furniture and wall make us feel comfortable as if we stay in our own home. A bedroom is made as simple and modern. 
There is an independent contemporary designed make-up space in a bathroom.
Deluxe A type DA3
A main object of this room is a classical French braquenie textile. An octopus pot shaped lamp stand and a shell-like chair reminds us of a port town in southern France. An appealing rough painted red wall slowly calms our spirit.
Deluxe A type DA5
This room gives you a unique feeling as if you are looking at the inside of the ocean from a tiny round window in a submarine. The ocean-like interior calms your mind. Plant patterned wallpaper and a stylish blue and yellow sofa makes you feel comfortable. Custom-made furniture makes this room even more stylish. Please spend a luxurious time bathing in the Jacuzzi bath.
Deluxe A type DA1
The moment you enter the room, you smell sweet scents of trees. This comfortable space invites you to fresh green season. Green and yellow strip wallpaper is perfectly matched to outside tree colors. From a wide bathroom, you can look at entire view of a forest. Please enjoy a luxury time as turning your thoughts towards various animals live in the forest.
Deluxe A type DA4
British and French-made high quality antique furniture makes this a European classic room. Carefully selected paintings and other room items are perfectly matched to the blue and yellow interior color coordination to create a relaxing space. To the left of the living room door, there is a wide and stylish bathroom and you must spend an excellent time looking at the beautiful garden.
Deluxe A type DB2
Olive, light green, and yellow interior color-coordination makes you feel the breath of the earth. High-quality antique furniture creates the nice accents of this room. This space makes you feel released from the bustle of the urban city. The green of the forest is reflected in the glassed bathroom and creates a nice atmosphere.
Warm, pink color coordination relaxes both your body and mind. The fascination of this room is its natural hot spring Jacuzzi. Release yourself from daily life and just soak deep in the bathtub while listening to the whisper of the forest and the birds’ chirping. You will obtain some energy from the earth. 
(Jacuzzi bath will be closed during the winter.)
This room is coordinated with a restful light green and cream color. This oblong room has big windows to look at entire view of a forest. This is a very popular room because of its natural hot spring Jacuzzi, striking out into a forest on a hill. Please spend a relaxing time feeling the warmth and pulse of the trees.
(Jacuzzi will be closed during winter.)
Superior Combination SCB
This is a Japanese and western style combination room. Enjoy the appeal of modern Japanese style. The Ichimatsu patterned design (check pattern) of the tatami mat has a contemporary atmosphere. The room is perfect for guests who also want to spend time in a Japanese room. A terrace with a natural hot spring Jacuzzi bath striking out into a forest on the hill is very popular. Please enjoy a natural spa in the forest.
(Jacuzzi will be closed during winter.)
Combination CB1
This room is a Japanese and western combination style. Furniture made by a Japanese furniture company, Morishige, is placed to create a relaxing space. Deep green color is used all over the room, as if you are standing in the middle of a forest and feeling the breath of trees. You can spend time here in many different ways, having a cup of Japanese tea, or reading a book while lying down on a bed.
Standard C type C10
Lovely flower patterns create an appealing room interior. Wallpaper, bedspreads, and lamp stands are coordinated with the flower pattern, which gives your heart a warm feeling. When you soak shoulder-deep in a jet bath and release yourself, your spirit is also freed from daily stress.
Standard D type SD7
A straight-line designed interior, such as a mirror, a headboard, a wall with braid decoration, etc. bring us good old memories. On the other hand, it displays striking originality in art deco style. You feel the warmth of the trees from this art deco style.
Standard D type SD8
A bedspread, headboard, and curtains are coordinated with the traditional textile styles of the France Jouy region that reminds us of copperplate printmaking. The special taste and color of the textiles give you fashionable European air. Moreover, the arched ceiling and terrace produce a heart-warming atmosphere. From a wide terrace, you can look at the entire view of the forest and listen to the song of the Matsukawa River running though a grave. If you close your eyes, you will feel a sign of a forest.
Standard D type SD9
This cozy, European style room gives us the image of a flower arch standing quietly in a secret garden. We coordinated the space with lovely items that have a natural taste as if you will be able to melt into fresh green. Over an arch-like partition that imagines a lattice door, the expansive Hakuba forest exists. You will be satisfied with the changes of each season like beautiful paintings.
Standard D type SD5
You have a pleasant to wake up by feeling morning sunlight coming into the room.
You can spend a leisure time as sitting on a wing chair. We recommend morning bath as viewing outside. In a terrace, you look at north Alpine, Shakushi Mountain.
Standard D type SD6
The coordination of gold and pale blue is harmonized with the colored leaves in autumn. We brought out a natural taste in this space. The room is located in the corner on the first floor, where the forest is closer than any other rooms and you can almost touch the trees from the terrace. Why don’t you wake up to the singing of the birds??
Log Cottage LA1~2
A Finland-made Log cottage is built in a quiet grove. There are 2 rooms to a block, so you can use it as a connected rooms. You look over the restaurant and woods from the terrace.? A bathroom is compact construction.
Log Cottage LD1
A Finland-made Log cottage is built in a quiet grove. There are two bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom where the sunshine comes in. In the forest, squirrels run around and you can hear the sound of acorns hitting the roof. This room is suitable for someone who wants to enjoy a home-like cottage life.
Surf & Other Activities
Restaurant and Bar:
As listening birds’ conversation and feeling a nice breeze, you enjoy breakfast in the restaurant striking out into a forest. Local fresh vegetables and fruits, etc are used for our specially arranged French cuisine that is very popular among our guests. Please spend a relaxing time with special meals and beautiful nature.
Domaine Sogga Cuvée La Neige
Chardonnay 2004 Cuvée La Neige

Hotel staff brews this wine. The staff picks the grapes and selects newly made French barrels. Based on traditional French brewing methods, we took time with the fermentation process, storage, purification and filling the wine bottles directly from the barrel. 

Because of the recent hot summer in 2004, the acidity of this year’s wine is little low, but we refuse to add artificial acid.
You can see the sediment, like those of high grade France white wine, because we bottle our wine without clearing and filtration making it a very rare wine in Japan. That is the secret of our high quality wine. 
This wine is available in the La Neige east building shop.
Wine list
Our wine collection of mostly Japanese and France wines reaches 200.? The restaurant manager, Mr. Yoshida, visited select wineries to choose each wine. He especially visited small, family run wineries that set their minds on making high quality wine, and put those wines on our list. For our wine selection, people and climate are very important. We highly recommend our wines, which reflect the traits of the people who made this wine and their climate, which produces a superior wine. 
We selected higher quality French wine that you can’t usually taste in daily life. As you can see from our main wine selection, such as Bordeaux and Bourgogne wine, we place a special emphasis on traditional French wineries. Learn a lesson from the past. You can’t experience something new without knowing the old traditions.
Classic antique furniture creates a calm atmosphere in this salon. This room is good for small parties, to dine with your family and friends, meetings, engagements, etc.
Beer and cocktail bar for adults…
Listen to the murmuring of the water as you slip into the serenity of the night.
Would you like to have some macallan or nikolaschka before going to sleep?
Let the peaceful visions be your chaser.
Relaxing at La Neige Higashikan
We have prepared the treatment menu on the left to enjoy during your stay. (Please click for rate.) Treatment menu is changed daily. Please ask at the front desk for details.
This service is available in your room. (If you prefer a different room, it costs an extra 1000 yen per person. Please ask at the front desk for details.)
British Style Foot Reflexology
This treatment is using foot reflex action that relaxes each part of your body. This is British style foot reflexology believed to increase your energy, and balances your mind and body.
(30 min. 4200 yen, 45 min. 5200 yen, 60 min. 6800 yen)
Healing massage
This full-body course combines a foot, neck, shoulder and back massage.
(60 min. 6300 yen)
Body care (soft massage)
Why don’t you refresh your body from its daily stress and exhaustion? This is a standard course.
(45 min. 52000 yen, 60 min. 6300 yen, 90 min. 9400 yen)
Aromatherapy massage
Original hotel aromatherapy oils are used to refresh your unbalanced mind and body.
Forest water aromatherapy with hotel original aromatherapy oil
Light body 60 min. 7800 yen, Body 90 min. 11,000 yen
Aromatherapy with herbal aromatherapy oil
(Above and below the waist 30 min. 4200 yen, Light body 60 min. 6800 yen, Body 90 min. 10,000 yen)
Room type
Travel dates
7 nights Corner Deluxe Room with Jacuzzi Bath (Based on 2pax) Room €1,884 Per person 01 Dec-23 Dec, 05 Mar-01 May
7 nights Corner Deluxe Room with Jacuzzi Bath (Based on 2pax) Room €2,069 Per person 23 Dec-30 Dec, 03 Jan-05 Mar
7 nights Corner Deluxe Room with Jacuzzi Bath (Based on 2pax) Room €2,553 Per person 30 Dec-03 Jan
7 nights Deluxe Room B Type with Jacuzzi bath (Based on 2pax) Room €1,623 Per person 01 Dec-23 Dec, 05 Mar-01 May
7 nights Deluxe Room B Type with Jacuzzi bath (Based on 2pax) Room €1,808 Per person 23 Dec-30 Dec, 03 Jan-05 Mar
7 nights Deluxe Room B Type with Jacuzzi bath (Based on 2pax) Room €2,286 Per person 30 Dec-03 Jan
7 nights Standard Room D Type with Normal Bath (Based on 2pax) Package €1,266 Per person 01 Dec-23 Dec, 05 Mar-01 May
7 nights Standard Room D Type with Normal Bath (Based on 2pax) Package €1,744 Per person 30 Dec-03 Jan
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  • Return airport transfers (Narita-Hakuba)
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 5-day lift pass (All Mountain)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Complimentary wireless
  • Complimentary shuttle bus service to ski resorts and JR Hakuba station

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