Sumbawa & Lakey Peak

Aman Gati Hotel - Lakey Peak

Aman Gati Hotel - Lakey Peak

From US$ 485 pp for 7 nights

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Intermediate - Advanced

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March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Score 5 world-class waves including legendary Lakey Peak if you stay at Aman Gati - your budget Indonesia surf hotel. Chill out in the pool or the restaurant in the evening for the post-surf dinner and drinks.
Baha Baha Villas - Sumbawa

Baha Baha Villas - Sumbawa

From US$ 675 pp for 7 nights

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Beginner - Pro

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January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Baha Baha Villas offers mid range beachside accommodation and all inclusive packages in Sekongkang Bawah.This new property is close to a range of breaks including Yoyos out the front and Scar Reef, Supersuck and Tropicals just down the road. The villas are surrounded by gardens, and there’s both a restaurant and bar on site and also have an outdoor pool, free wifi and a games room.

Region Information

Surf in Sumbawa is enjoyable as it is quite sparsely populated; infrastructure is very basic with few main roads and no real bustling tourist towns like in Bali. Surfers have carved out a couple of cool, little epicentres alongside the two best west – facing surfing coasts in Central Sumbawa (Lakey Peak, Periscopes, Nungas etc) and West Sumbawa (Scar Reef, Supersuck, Yo Yo’s.)

There’s no shortage of world class set ups, and the region picks up an abundance of swell. You can access the area by surf charter boat, overland or via a brief domestic flight from Bali.

There are some excellent surf resorts with direct access to surf spots directly out the front of the accommodation.

You can fish, spear fish, go snorkelling, play golf, access the internet and do loads of other activities to keep you busy in case of a very rare non-surf day.

Lakey Peak & Sumbawa Favourite Surf Spots

Lakey Peak - Is an A frame peak. The right often delivers backdoor bowls, but gets extremely shallow at low tide. The left is reliable, hollow and highly surfable at low. On mid to high tide the left turns into a performance wave suitable for intermediates and hot doggers.

Lakey Pipe - Is a gnarly set up with a relatively easy entry take off, that hits the shelf and goes nuts, throwing a wide open barrel that you could fit a truck in. Mid to high tide for experienced surfers and body boarders.

Cobblestones - Cobblestones is a super fun left and quite a hollow right.  It picks up more swell, best on mid to high tides.

Nungas - Is a great left hander 5 minutes walk down the beach from Lakey Peak.  Often called mini G-Land, sections start to connect on bigger swells offering rides of 200 meters or more. Nungas can hold real size and breaks on all tides but is subject to strong currents. Tubes and whackable sections on offer.

Periscopes - Is a right hander 15 minutes walk down the beach from Lakey Peak.  It is quite a shallow reef, so is only surfable on high tide. On a good day it can offer three barrel sections. Best in the 3-6 foot range, too much bigger and it tends to close out across the channel.

Scar Reef - Is pretty much the main attraction in West Sumbawa. It is a fast, multi bowl section left reef that is super shallow and razor sharp. It has multi personalities. At low tide it is a mental, dredging bowl, whilst at mid to high it can turn into a perfect bowl, workable wall combo. World class, slightly fickle and definitely worth the wait to score it on.

Super Suck - Requires a solid W- SW swell to show it world class colours. The name says it all, a bowling left reef that can deliver stand up barrels or hectic wipeouts.

Yo Yo’s - Is a bit of a swell magnet, with several right peaks that open up into bowls and performance walls, due to the refraction of the cliffs.

Where to Stay: Sumbawa offers lots of surf accomodation

Deep in the Hu'u bay, where native people once lived in harmony with nature, far enough from crowds for peace and relaxation, yet close enough for every convenience you'll find The Aman Gati Hotel.

There are 5 world class surfing waves situated in the same bay directly in front of the Aman Gati Hotel – Lakey, Periscopes etc.) The peak swell period is from April to September. Late and early season October to March can also offer perfect clean conditions with light winds.

There are 42 air-conditioned rooms complete with 12-channel television, hot and cold water, and IDD telephone. They also have a newly built accommodation building which includes a Suite Room; Family Room, or New Bungalow room.

You’ll find a fully serviced restaurant, swimming pool and plunge pool allowing you to completely relax. Alternatively, their friendly staff are always happy to assist you planning a day to enjoy some of the many local attractions such as Japanese wartime caves, hot water springs, traditional villages and local dance customs.

Nomad Tropical Surf Resort in Sumbawa is perfectly set up for surfers to travel with their family or friends, surf breaks are within a 200m paddle from your room. Your partner can chill out by the pool while watching you surf the fun left hand break directly out the front. Surf tour guides will take you to Yoyo’s (approximately 10 min drive), Super Suck, Scar Reef, Little Bingin, Donuts and a couple of local secret spots. The resort offers 26 Deluxe Rooms for The Basic Package and 3 Villas with private swimming pools for The Family Villa Package - all renovated in Nov 2010.

All rooms have ensuite bathrooms, AC and Satellite TV (Star Movies, Sports, etc). There is FREE Wi-fi Internet access in rooms and restaurant.

Sumbawa picks up all the usual Indonesian swell trains in the 4-12ft range from April through October, though you could mount an argument that it is a little less consistent than Bali and Java, though of course the crowds are much thinner which balances the equation nicely.

SW swells are prime and the ESE trades are potentially annoying. Morning offshores are common, though that changes in November through Feb.

Land temperatures are warm but rarely overly hot, the ESE trades or sea breezes and some overnight rains temper the dry season from May - October. The average temp is 28’C.Water temps are generally 28’c year round. Boardies and rashy, or a short john is recommended for protection against the reef.



Sumbawa & Lakey Peak Favourite Surf Spots

This region of Sumbawa can get surf all year round.  The peak swell period is from April to September but October to March can also offer perfect clean conditions with light winds.

  • Scar Reef - A long walled left peak where you drive into several backdoor sections all offering tube rides to write home about. Best between 2-10ft. There is also a smaller right hander on the inside reef on the bigger days.
  • Super Sucks - Some say it’s the longest most intense tube they’ve ever ridden!! Breaking over a live coral reef, this wave reels faultlessly for 150 meters. Get pitted from takeoff to exit. No top turns here when it’s on! Best between 3-6 ft.
  • Yo-Yo’s - Catches any swell. It consists of two rights, one a wedge peak breaking off a cliff face, the other a long walled right reef in the middle of the bay, usually surfed when everywhere else is small. Best between 2-6 ft but has been surfed at up to 12 ft and bigger.


Lakey Peak (Sumbawa)

There are 5 world class surfing waves situated in the same bay directly in front of Aman Gati Hotel:

  • Lakey Peak – Voted # 33 in the Top Waves of the World. An intense hollow right & left-hand A frame, with the left generally being longer, the right can fire on the proper swell direction. Lakey Peak has a guaranteed backdoor for those with the balls to pull in. Best at 5-8 foot that holds all sizes and goes off at mid-tides, and the left can provide some deep barrels to be surfed at low tides if the swell is big enough.
  • Lakey Pipe - is on either side of 'The peak' a popular wave amongst the body boarders and 'No-mans' which is suitable for the more extreme surfer. A short, but very hollow barrel that often pinches shut. Better from mid to high tide. ‘The beachey’ only breaks in the lagoon with the big swells and is more suitable for the less experienced surfer.
  • Lakey Left - Across the channel from the peak. With right size swell and direction this normally sectiony wave can line up and provide deep barrels.
  • Lakey Right - A few hundred meters down the beach. A short, bowling right-hander that breaks into a deep-water dent in the reef. Some fun barrels. Holds only to about 8 foot.
  • Periscopes – Voted # 44 in Top Waves in the World. A fun righthand wave at the eastern end of a long reef that sticks way out into the bay, Periscopes can offer a high, tight barrel over a relatively safe reef platform, and a clean exit into a channel. Only a short paddle out and better at high tides with glassy or N (offshore) winds. Blown out by dry season trades. Holds only to about 8 foot. About a mile walk up the beach from the surf camp.