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If you are looking for surf charters in Costa Rica then you will find everything that you are looking for with Single Fin Surf Charters.

The fishing charters will take you to the best area in Guanacaste for fishing. The day charters will take you to quiet beaches and snorkeling destinations where you will have the chance to see massive schools of fish, giant manta rays, eels and more.

You also have the chance to sail with dolphins and watch the sunset unfold.

If you want to surf, you can take one of the exclusive surf trips and surf to your hearts content.

Quick Facts
    • Max 6 surfers
    • Uncrowded waves
    • Flexible length
    • Costa Rica surf charters
    • Nicaragua surf charters
    • Fishing charters
    • Free beers daily

Surf the remote breaks of Northwest Costa Rica including Witch’s Rock & Ollie’s Point, and Southern Pacific Nicaragua.

Choose between different surf charters length: There is a 6-14 day charter that will take you to the waves of Costa Rica and Nicaragua and there is a 2 to 8 day charter that will take you to the Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock.

You also have the option of customizing a charter so that you get everything that you want. They also offer surf trips that are exclusive and other services so that your vacation is everything that you want.

The charters are all inclusive and include food and drinks, National Park passes and other needs you may have.

The”Witch’s Brew” is you own personal cruise ship. You and your friends will cruise the Guanacaste coast in comfort and style enjoying the multitude of contemporary amenities.     

She is equipped with 3 staterooms, each with two beds, comfortably sleeping 6. All the cabins are equipped with air conditioning for everyone's sleeping comfort. There are 2 bathrooms outfitted with showers, a full kitchen with brand new appliances and BBQ.  Relax in the salon with a flat screen TV, Xbox 360, and hard drive with over 1200 movies. Hook up your phone or any music device to the 8 speaker Bose sound system and blast your favorite tunes. Lay out in the sun on the fully cushioned bow deck or topside on the flybridge on cushioned bench seating.  There is ample room for everyone in the shade and in the sun. The Witch's Brew can accommodate 18 passengers. 

The Witch's Brew is available for private, all-inclusive charters to meet any live-aboard needs. Full day and overnight excursions are offered for surfing, fishing, snorkeling, sunset trips, beach tours or voyages to special destinations. You can customize your boat charters to whatever you like!

Surf & Other Activities


6 to 14 Day Charters:  You can surf the best waves of Costa Rica and Nicaragua at Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock in Guanacaste.

This charter is all-inclusive, which allows surfers to take the best waves, while avoiding the crowds. Each night you will anchor on the breaks in luxury accommodation.

2 to 8 Day Surf Charter: As you surf Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point you will stay in the Santa Rose National Park right near the epic surf breaks. You will get hours of surf without the crowds.

Other Activities

Fishing Charters

You can take your fishing charter in the comfort of the Witch’s Brew, whether you looking to fish offshore for Tuna, Marlin and Sailfish or near shore for Snapper, Rooster Fish and Grouper. You will have an amazing fishing charter experience. You are able to take a day trip or have multiple days of fishing and stay aboard the Witch’s Brew in comfort and style.


Full Day Cruise

You can take a cruise all day with snorkeling and beach tours. You will have lunch, fresh fruit, snacks, juice, bottled water and an open bar.

Sunset Cruise

The sunset cruise sails at 2pm and returns at 6pm. This trip to see the glorious sunset includes food and drink.

Party Cruise

If you are celebrating then why not take a private cruise on the Witch’s Brew. You can choose how many days you want and customize the trip. 

Day Charters

Relax on a boat ride, while enjoying great food and luxury accommodation. Even as a non-surfer, you can enjoy snorkeling in the National Park or spend the day on the beach.
Other Surf Experiences

Angelidecovolo (June 2015)
I rarely give out five stars to anyone. However, this trip was one of those rare moments and Single Fin Surf Charters definitely raises the bar with regards to customer satisfaction. The words from the Seals mouth "Whatever it takes" still resonates in my mind long after our trip was over. Single Fin Surf Charters is owned and operated by two ex-Navy Seals. That’s right Navy Seals! How cool is that?

The boat (Witches Brew) is armed with a very capable crew, Cabo the boat captain and Rafa the first mate. Cabo can search out waves like a hound dog chasing a fox and Rafa can cook amazing meals like fillet mignon with a wonderful mixed salad or just pull a monster tuna out of the water and grill it up for lunch. The crew works hard to keep the boat clean and make sure that we are well taken care of.

It is so much fun to listen to the young Seals tell stories about their training and service. They are such good sports as we constantly made fun of their 8 beer minimum thing. Why 8 beers? Perhaps we will never know.

My buddy and I chase waves all over the world and we have stayed at some of the best surfing resorts and hotels in the world with great beach breaks. I can tell you that they cannot hold a candle livaboard surf charters. Trust me when I say that Single Fin Surf Charters will not disappoint.

Vincent (June 2015) 
Our trip was booked for a 4 day 5 night adventure, we were a group of 4, skill levels ranging from very experienced to intermediate/novice. All but one in our group had previously been to Central America on surf trips. This was my first surf trip on a boat, so; a lot of unknowns and a few concerns. My concerns in order of importance to me included;

1. Safe haven- Safety of boat and crew.

2. Accommodations- Size/condition of boat (comfort)

3. Personalities- crew/group dynamic.

4. Local knowledge- Of breaks and swells

5. Food/drink-quality/quantity

I think It is good to look at these variables as a percentage of total cost of trip, so the ratio at the end of each line item will provide you with the value (to me) which is the positive experience. Hard to measure, but think of it as ($/positive experience ratio or ultimate value)

1. First and foremost within a few hours all of my concerns were quickly put to rest. Ben was/is a Navy trained Seal (rescue swimmer, and medic) Cabo had been on this boat for over 14 years and it was very apparent that Rafe’ had an obvious comfort level on the boat and shared a dynamic with Cabo that could have only been possible after extensive experience of “time in the saddle” together. I don’t say this lightly and a lot of thought went into this part of the comment. (1:4)

2. Our accommodations were more then adequate and very comfortable. We had four, so; of our party, there was a “V-berth” (2) a starboard side cabin (2) and a Port side cabin (2) that slept Ben and Rafe’ . There were 2 bathrooms (one in the V-berth and one in the hallway that served the other two cabins, each had a level of privacy) Cabo, like all good captains slept upstairs, close to the helm at all times. All of the downstairs berths had A/C and individual fans, so sleeping at night was quite pleasant, cool as you would require. The boat had a small but adequate galley, which Cabo used every inch of when preparing our meals. It was fun to watch him cook. Additionally, there was a salon with TV and an “L” shaped couch, along with a comfortable bow lounging (outside) and a covered ~350 sq/ft sun deck/flying bridge where we did a lot of lounging and star gazing at night. (1:2)

3. The personalities of our group was a “known-known” what we were unsure of was the crew. All I can say without going into too much detail was that these guys (all of them) work really well together and they are all incredibly skilled waterman and very conscious of their clients comfort. They always seemed to know when we were hungry, thirsty and tiered. They knew what we wanted before we did, and they always had it ready. They surfed with us, and truly spent time interacting with us on a personal level. If we were tired, they gave us space. We even hosted an old friend of my brothers who happened to be at Ollies on the best day! Rafe’ gladly shuttled him back to his boat late that evening after a night of story telling and drinking in the salon. All in all we became very friendly with all three, we all surfed together, fished together and ate together; we watched videos of the days breaks, and a movie or two as well. This crew really are “good people” (1:4)

4. The local knowledge of the breaks seemed more then adequate. We only surfed two breaks (Ollies and Witches) since these were “relatively close” to one another and since they were firing every day. Just to be clear, these guys would have taken the boat anywhere we wished, they were always more than eager to let us call the shots (even if our choices were not ideal) Again, we caught one of the best days that most at Ollies had seen in a long time. We also caught a day at Witches that produced one of the largest rouge waves anyone on the boat had ever seen. (it nearly swamped two Pongas who were anchored “beyond the break” ) What a site! (1:2)

5. As far as the food and drink? All I can say is wow! We brought some hard liquor (rum) but allocations of beer were included @ 8/each/ day. No one ever hit that mark except for maybe one day. As I mentioned, Cabo (captain/chef) was truly an innovator. He cooked 3 hot meals a day, all of which were excellent and cooked in the small galley. Fresh veggies, and meats including tenderloin, chicken, pork along with fish made up most of our dinners. Fresh eggs, rice, fruit and bacon for breakfast and fresh Guacamole’ and chips for snacks. Every day post session we had Gatorade and fresh fruit awaiting us upon arrival back to the boat. One evening we went diving for lobster, and came back with Abalone, clams and oysters, so fresh! Another day while fishing between breaks w brought in a small dolphin fish, Rafe’ preformed a textbook filet on the swim platform while the boat was moving and served up some of the best sashimi we all had ever had. (somewhere on that boat Cabo even had Wasabi, decoratively presented with perfectly sliced fish and soy! Wow! Again, all of this was seamless and seemed to happen with a level of precision and planning that almost seemed “Truman-show” like. (in such a great way) (1:4)

All in all these guys took all of the guess work out of our trip, they made us feel like they were only there for us and most importantly, all of them seemed to really enjoy what they do. For this reason I can only give them my highest endorsement. These guys are the best, it is great to see people who love what they do. Would we return? You bet!