Mark Occhilupo

Australia’s favourite surfing son Mark Occhilupo has confirmed he will be hosting unique surfing experiences with The Perfect Wave in 2016 and beyond. Occy returned from his sold-out 2014 and 2015 Mentwai trips with us, and was having so much fun he has confirmed he is looking forward to more trips with The Perfect Wave, and his legion of worldwide fans is again invited to join him.

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Barton Lynch

Barton Lynch emerged from the beach breaks of Manly to become one of the most successful professional surfers of all time. His 15 year career included 17 World Championship victories and the highlight was winning the 1988 ASP World Championship in perfect 10-12ft waves at Pipeline in Hawaii. In this victory he fulfilled a childhood promise made to his mother that he would one day be “A World Champion Surfer”. He is now widely recognised as one of the world’s leading surf coaches, an expert commentator and still loves to surf more than anything.

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Bob McTavish

One man we know that has the power to remind us all of the way every surfer should view life is Bob McTavish. A man that has lived more than a few lifetimes of amazing experiences in his life and knows a thing or two about the history of surfing and board technology. Credited with the first shortboard ever made as well as discovering many a iconic surf spots, Bob is truly a surfing pioneer.

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Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew

1978 ASP World Champion Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew is hosting a unique 10 day Surf trip for The Perfect Wave Surf Experience on the Haira surf Charter in the Maldives. Bugs is taking his 12-year-old son Jaggar along for the experience. Take this unique chance to bring your own son, daughter or indeed wife, or just bring yourself and a mate or two and go surfing in some quality waves and swap stories with an absolute legend of our sport and industry. Don’t forget that Rab is not only an all-time surfer, he also was the head honcho of The ASP until quite recently, not to mention a legendary style master and Gold Coast tube demon with a tale or two hundred to tell. This trip is co-sponsored by Australian Surfing Life Magazine.

Wayne Bartholomew

Bec Woods

Bec Woods, at only 26, has a list of achievements that reads like that of a seasoned professional. You can view Bec’s profile on the ASP World Tour website at or check out her website at Bec won an Australian Junior Title at 16 and went on to become the World Junior Champion at 18. Being a two time Professional Junior series champion in 2002 and 2004, it was only a matter of time before Bec would be intercepted into the women’s elite world professional tour and as a young 19 year old her dream of surfing amongst the world’s best came true.

Bec Woods laying some rail

Adam Melling

Hailing from the wave-rich northern NSW town of Lennox Head, Adam Melling started surfing competitively when he was just nine years old in his beloved local Le-Ba boardriders club. Mello has been turning heads with his smooth style which bridges the gap between power and flare. Surfing waves like Lennox Point and being just down the road from The Superbank gave Adam the platform on which to improve and refine his ability to a point that he is now one of the best on tour. After winning the 6-Star Cold Water Classic in Scotland in 2009 and finishing the season in fourth on the WQS, Adam qualified to join the best in the world on the ASP World Tour beginning in 2010. In 2012, Melling qualified for the World Tour (WCT), finishing second at Jeffrey’s Bay, 3rd in the 2011 Triple Crown and in December 2012 he won The World Cup of surfing at Sunset Beach in an unforgettable finale to the year, re-qualifying for the 2013 WCT in the process.

Adam Melling

Matt Hoy

Novocastrian Matt Hoy likes his music the way he likes his surfing – fast and flowing, but jarring. And powerful. So, so powerful. Hoyo started surfing when he was 7 years old. He was on the WCT for several years, before finally retiring in 2000. When he retired, he had three WCT event victories under his belt. These days, he’s raising his family in Newcastle and working for Quiksilver’s Research and Development team.

Matt Hoy

Ry Craike

Ry Craike, The Kalbarri Kid, aka The Craike-dog, has lived most of his life on the edge of the dustbowl up in the Great North-West of WA. Craikey is a fast, electrifying, state-of-the-art professional free surfer with a nose for the odd desert death pit or ten. It almost seems as if the ol’ Quiksilver Airshows, the speciality events that helped re-define surfing as entertainment in the 90s, were somehow conjured up by Craike himself, because he won a bunch of them.

Ry Craike