Eratap Beach Resort - Vanuatu

Eratap Beach Resort - Vanuatu

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April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Enter the enchanting world of Efate Island by staying at Eratap Beach Resort. The resort is surrounded by nature, with ocean views everywhere you look, but has all the modern amenities you’d expect from a luxury beach resort. Whether you’re looking to surf, snorkel, and kayak or just simply relax at the spa or in the comfort your luxury villa: Eratap has everything you need and more.

Region Information

Vanuatu is a South Pacific archipelago that is made up of 83 small islands. These islands are home to some of the best surf in the South Pacific. On a good day, Vanuatu surf can rival its sister island nations of Fiji and Samoa, but you can expect half the crowds. The waves are not massive, but have a great shape to them and there is plenty to choose from.


When you’re not surfing, Vanuatu boasts a variety of other activities to enjoy such as fishing, kayaking and snorkelling the beautiful coral reefs that the islands are famed for. The islands are true paradises and are home to an array of colourful flora and fauna.


Vanuatu Favourite Surf Spots

Pango Point- Pango Point is a famous diving site but it is also home to an epic righthander and a rolling left that are both known for their long rides.

Erakor Point- This coral reef break is one of the most famed waves in Vanuatu, probably because it can handle bigger swell and provides some amazing barrels.

Eratap Island- Eratap Island is a tiny island with some great righthanders rolling off of it. It is a bit of a paddle but definitely worth it. There's a beautiful surf resort on this island.

Devil’s Point- Devil’s Point is on Efate Island and it consistently produces top-quality waves. Devil’s Point is slightly tricky to navigate and is reserved for more experienced surfers.

For beginners, it’s possible to surf all year round but more advanced surfers may prefer to visit Vanuatu in high surf season, which is from approximately April through to September. Surfers can expect slightly larger and more consistent swell during high season.


The predominant swell direction for Vanuatu is an SE swell that brings consistent waves, although the SW swell does hit part of the archipelago.


Vanuatu has a tropical climate so you can surf in boardshorts or a bikini all year round as the water temperature doesn’t drop below 25 degrees Celsius, although it is recommended to bring along a rash vest to protect you from the baking sun.

Vanuatu is not at the top of the list of most surfers’ dream destinations, but it is slowly starting to build up a good name for itself. While it is not as consistent as Fiji or Samoa, Vanuatu has fewer crowds.


With surfing in Vanuatu still in its infancy, there is still a lot to be explored and potentially new waves to be discovered. Vanuatu offers a variety of waves, mostly on coral reef, both lefthanders and righthanders. There are waves to suit the most experienced of surfers as well as beginners. The waves in Vanuatu never usually exceed 8ft but they have a good, hollow shape, perfect for barrels!


Efate Island Breaks

  • Black Sand Beach- Although this wave doesn’t break very often, when it does, it is a fun beach break that suits all levels of surfers and offers a nice change from the usual reef or point breaks on the island.
  • Breakas- Breakas, also known as Pounders, offers a left and right on a sharp reef and it is advised that only more experienced surfers attempt this spot.
  • British Beach- This lesser-known spot is a fun wave that can be surfed on any tide by surfers of any level. The wave holds both small and large swell.
  • Devil’s Point- Devil’s Point is one of the more famed waves on the island and its fame is due to its consistent, good-quality waves. It is best to surf it on the low or mid tide.
  • Erakor Reef- Erakor Reef is a great wave and is definitely worth the slightly lengthy paddle out. Be sure to ask permission from the village chief to surf this spot.
  • Pango Point- Pango Point is another popular wave that offers some of the islands longest rides.
  • Eratap Island- Eratap Island provides both a right and a left and is a wave that provides for all levels. There is a beautiful place to stay on this island - Eratap Surf Resort.


Tanna Island Breaks

  • Lenakil- Lenakil is probably Vanuatu’s most famous left. The wave breaks on a shallow reef and offers rides as long as 90 metres.
  • Port Resolution- Port Resolution is a simple local village, but offers a wealth of waves along the coast.
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