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Surf the best waves in Morocco in a unique and welcoming setting.  Mehdi and his smiling team will warmly welcome you Moroccan-style into a relaxed and incredible setting
Quick Facts
      • Surf the world-class break of Safi
      • Stay at an authentic Moroccan guesthouse
      • Learn to surf with local surfer, guesthouse owner
      • Ocean views
      • Wi-Fi
      • Restaurant on site

Mehdi and his team will warmly welcome you Moroccan-style into a relaxed and amazing location.  Mehdi is a pure local surfer who loves and respects the oceans and worries about ocean ecology.  He’s open and knowledgeable and he knows the best beaches in the area.  You will never get bored with him around; he’s a true local who will ensure you have everything you need.

The accommodation Riad du Pêcheur is right in the centre of the bay of Safi.  It has a stunning view of the castle of the sea, the fishing harbour and the world-renowned surf spot of Safi.  You will love its unique location which is just a stone’s throw from where they make the famous Moroccan pottery and the old Medina which is the recently renovated old part of town.

Ryad du Pêcheur

You are ensured complete comfort in each bedrooms.  You have a lovely view of the sea from each bed and you can take a leisurely breakfast in bed with an amazing view of the ocean.  Each bedroom and suite offers a stylish traditional architecture and a warm comfort.

In a typically Moroccan setting your Riad has all the necessary devices to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

  • Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, à la carte dining
  • Rooms with ensuite bathroom and ocean views
  • Family suites able to accommodate up to 6 people (1 couple & 4 children)
  • Terrace where you can relax and sip a nice cup of tea as well as eat tasty grilled fish, meats, etc.

You can choose from various kinds of accommodation and activities:


The restaurant offers a flexible dining experience at the request of the guests.  It offers a varied menu and a lovely warm atmosphere with an impressive view of the bay of Safi.

All day long the chef offers Moroccan or western dishes in a set menu or à la carte menu, in the dining room or on the terrace.

Surf & Other Activities


Safi was discovered by a group of friends in the late 70s and has been classed amongst the 10 best waves in the world ever since.  The wave can only be surfed with a minimum 3 metre swell so it’s not a wave for beginners.  You need to be an experienced surfer in good physical condition and you have to have respect for the local surfers!

Today you can surf the waves in Safi and around the local area because the government has invested in the infrastructure surrounding the spot making it more accessible to everyone and especially to visiting surfers who are searching for the perfect wave.

When it’s too crowded or it’s not working, there are many other good waves to surf 60 kms to the north and 35km to the south.

You can take a 2 hour surf lesson each day.

Supervision is provided by experienced surf instructors.

Groups are made up of 8 people per instructor and you have in the water supervision to offer you personal advice.

Boards are available to suit your level making it safer and easier to learn on.

Other Activities

  • Bodyboarding
  • Horseriding
  • Tennis (Court + Equipment)
  • Fishing
  • Trawling
  • Boat trip


  • Pottery
  • Hammam
  • Theraputic Massage
Other Surf Experiences