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UNCROWDED SURF, crystal clear water, colourful living reefs, excellent fishing, incredible scenery, tropical rainforest and tribal societies in one of the last surfing frontiers. Be one of the lucky few to visit places isolated and untouched by modern tourism. The Solwata Surf Camp is located in the spectacular Lau Lagoon amidst unique and ancient man made islands and stilted villages, fringed by a massive reef system on one side and spectacular mountains on the other. You will be staying amongst a living cultural and environmental treasure. Its also an incredible surfing playground with more than a dozen world class reef setups.
Quick Facts
    • overwater surf camp
    • absolutely uncrowded surf
    • experienced surf guide
    • unforgettable culture experience
    • lots of extra activities
    • leave the world as you know it
UNCROWDED SURF, crystal clear water, colourful living reefs, excellent fishing, incredible scenery, tropical rainforest and tribal societies in one of the last surfing frontiers.

Be one of the lucky few to visit places isolated and untouched by modern tourism... leave the 21st century behind... walk on white sand beaches, stay in thatched huts fronting aqua-blue lagoons... sleep in a comfortable, exclusive surf camp in a remote corner of the Pacific exposed to the full range of north pacific swells.

The Solomon Islands is the third largest archipelago in the South Pacific. There are six major islands forming a scattered double chain of 922 islands, atolls and cays, which vary from large, rugged, rainforest covered, mountainous islands to low-lying coral atolls.

The Solomons is one of the last surfing frontiers that has been labeled by some as the new Bali for its surf perfection in a pristine natural and cultural environment.

They have excellent surf; Surf Solomon tours offer more than a dozen amazing right and left hand breaks, but you can also be among the first to surf new breaks. The best season for waves is November to April with very good left and right hand set-ups. Swell is usually 3 to 6 feet but can be bigger.

At the Solwata Surf Camp, you will travel to places where very few tourists or any outsiders go, let alone other surfers. You will travel in safety and relative comfort with very informed and locally connected guides. People on these trips have the unique opportunity of receiving a genuine welcome from the community - who are partners in the Solwata Surf Camp - and making real friends with the people they meet in some of the most remote communities in the Pacific. Solomons is one of the least developed and most traditional countries in the Pacific, you simply could not get to these areas and have this kind of experience over a short duration trip in any other way right now. The guides are working in partnership with local people in very remote tribal areas and see their involvement with and direct benefits from the surfers travelling there as being of central importance.

In the villages there is no electricity, no roads, no telephones, and no shopping centers, very little use of fuel and little presence of any kind of government. Yet these communities are well organised, provide their own services, maintain beautiful villages and have a very rich and diverse culture. The Surf Camp - which caters for only six surfers at a time - has solar power, cold drinks, and a shared eco toilet.

Tropical rainforests, rugged mountains, freshwater rivers, mangroves, and coral reefs make Solomon Islands one of the top ten most biologically diverse countries in the world. Solomons is part of the 'coral triangle' with the highest marine biodiversity on the planet and what many are now calling the 'Amazon of the sea'. This environmental diversity is combined with incredible cultural diversity. On one island alone there are often 6-8 languages and distinct cultures are often only walking distance from each other.

These guided expeditions take you into areas where there are no other surfers or tourists. You are based at the Solwata surf camp and sometimes groups venture out into one of two other surf zones, staying with local families for a couple of days. There is always an Australian guide who speaks the local language on each tour to keep things running smooth, both with the services for the groups and in the relationships with the communities.

The Ultimate Adventure: Solwata Surf Camp

The Solwata Surf Camp is located in the spectacular Lau Lagoon amidst unique and ancient man made islands and stilted villages, fringed by a massive reef system on one side and spectacular mountains on the other. You will be staying amongst a living cultural and environmental treasure. Its also an incredible surfing playground with more than a dozen world class reef set ups.

The Surf Camp itself is a traditional style building on stilts above aqua blue water. There are spectacular views of the nearby breaks, lagoon and village life and rain forest clad mountains. Within the camp the focus is on simple tropical comfort with chillout lounges and hammocks, quality bedding and linen, a bar with cold drinks. The Solwata camp caters for an exclusive six guests only. There is an on site Australian surf and cultural guide, experienced cook fusing local ingredients to western tastes and doing the best traditional cooking possible, a local support crew from the village helps to look after your needs and ensure you feel like part of the tribe. You have exclusive and unlimited use of our fast and covered surf boat for surfing and exploring this unique area.

The 'Solwata' - or Salt Water People, an ocean focussed culture of Malaita, are your hosts. This is the main north shore destination island with over a dozen exclusive world class left and right breaks to surf that cater to a full range of swell, wind and tide conditions as well as surfing levels and styles.

The Solwata Camp delivers what they strongly believe is the best and most unique surf travel experience available in the Solomon Islands. Surf Solomons will aim to meet all your needs and deliver a trip that for many will be one of, if not the best, surf and travel experience of their lives.

From the base of the Solwata Camp, you will have the option of venturing to two other village based stays for a few days. Each with a range of waves on offer catering to different winds, swells and levels of surfing. A variable itinerary of the fully guided tours is designed to give you the best waves on offer in the Solomons for that period.

 Surf Camp Facilities:

Simple, tropical design features:

  • Comfortable, clean bedding - linen & mosquito nets provided.
  • Lagoon setting (or fronting white sand beach on village stay excursions included in tour).
  • Depending on group numbers spacious rooms are shared by 1-3 people.
  • Shared, basic and clean toilet facilities.
  • Outdoor showering from mountain spring water.
  • Safe spring and rain water for drinking.
  • Spacious chill out areas with hammocks, lounges and table tennis.
  • No telephones - HF radio can be used in emergencies or optional satellite phone.
  • Solar power for battery charging and lighting.

There are plenty of spaces to chill out in a hammock or in comfortable semi outdoor living spaces. There is no electricity and the only communication is though satellite phone (no mobile phones). Showering is either at outdoor showers with piped water or a short walk to nearby springs and rivers. Toilets are basic but clean. When visiting some villages there will be no toilets - the only option is the beach or mangrove areas designated for that purpose in that village.

They work in partnership with local families and communities who will be your genuinely welcoming hosts, accompanied by your Surf Solomons Australian guide.

Surf & Other Activities
Other Exploration Expeditions

Be among the first in history to surf these coasts... This coming season, they  will be conducting a very limited number of exclusive guided expeditions with a maximum of 6 adventurers heading into new surf zones scoped out by Surf Solomons.

Expect an adventure and the chance to surf waves never or rarely surfed before and visit areas rarely seen by outsiders.

  • Remote Malaita. Shhh!... A new region of the Malaita coastline...
  • The mystical island of Makira
  • The Weather Coast. For the last couple of years in May, they have quietly enjoyed long period south swells unloading on a very remote south facing coast. And in May, there has been little or no trade wind activity set in yet - i.e. perfect conditions.


The guides provide an in depth cultural insight as well as information about the land and sea ecology and its use by local people. Experiences include local music, dancing, food, practical crafts, markets - all in their vibrant living form and not recreated for tourists.


On tour all meals are included - an experienced cook is on the tour with each group. The food provided is based on fresh local ingredients from local organic farms and small scale fishermen, cooked with a mix of traditional and outside influences.


Green coconuts after a surf; fresh tropical fruit any time; organic Solomons arabica espresso coffee and PNG tea available any time; fruit salad, pineapple tart or fresh ground hot cocoa for dessert.

Kastom feasts:

During the tour they will take you for a traditional feast put on by women’s groups in the villages. You will experience the 'motu' cooking on hot rocks. Likely things on the banana leaf 'table' include baked tuna and reef fish, mangrove fruits, cassava and taro pudding, local greens in coconut milk, lots of fresh fruits.


After your arrival in Honiara, you board a domestic flight to Malaita (it is included in the price). Afterwards, you will get picked up by Surf Solomons boat, overnight in a village with waves and then travel 1.5 hours to Solwata Surf Camp.

Rainforest trek and mountain village visit

  • Your guides take you on a day walk up the mountain where you will see tropical rainforest, subsistence food gardens, ancient nut groves, and small traditional hamlets inhabited by the 'bush' people. The walk is tiring but rewarding with spectacular views of the lagoon and the surf potential of nearby and distant reefs.


  • If you are interested in fishing you can paddle out in a dugout or they can arrange for you to join with local fishermen in fishing activities ranging from hand lines or trawling from dugouts, deep sea trawling to night diving/spear fishing on reefs. Only very basic fishing gear is available so bring what you need. Fishing tackle/lures etc are a much appreciated gift.


  • Solomon Islands is part of the coral triangle - the worlds most biodiverse ocean.


  • Colourful markets are important weekly events for the locals. Bush people trade with coastal people for cash and barter in a timeless way.

Village Life

  • Canoe making, traditional cooking, weaving and crafts, betel nut and lime making, are just some of the things you might see while walking around traditional thatched house villages. They will give you some guided tours but a lot of the interaction is informal and simply joining in the day to day tasks of the village to share and learn.


  • A short but intense walk up the river to the waterfall, this is a spectacular place and involves trekking through cocoa plantations, some challenging crossings of a pristine mountain river and rainforest.

Cultural activities

  • There is a range of cultural activities to interact with local people. These include traditional meals prepared by local women's groups, traditional dancing and singing groups and the amazing Bamboo and panpipe bands that this area specialises in. These are not tourist replicas but the real living culture in action. When your tour coincides with local festivals, weddings and rituals, you will have the option to join in.

Room type
Travel dates
10 nights Solwata Surf CampTour Package US$1,828 Per person 01 Jan-31 Dec
  • Prices above are per person and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations until paid in full.
  • Preferred group size is 4 to 6. A bigger group could be catered for on request but more than 8 surfers is not really recommended.
  • Please click "Enquire Here" or "On Special" to email us or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf travel specialists.

Inclusions - Solwata Surf Camp Tour:

  • Comfortable accommodation in the Solwata surf camp.
  • Hotel pick up and drop off in Honiara
  • Inter-island transfers in comfortable, fast and clean air conditioned ferry
  • Three meals a day. 
  • Over a dozen left and right hand breaks to choose from.
  • Use of 40HP surf transfer boat with canopy – fuel and crew included for surfing every day. 
  • Australian guide with a wealth of local experience in and out of the water
  • Other activities visiting waterfalls, villages and markets or snorkelling and fishing trips. 
  • Community contributions supporting sustainable tourism in an area very new to any kind of tourism.


  •  International Airfares
  • Travel insurance (required)
  • Overnight stays in Honiara as needed according to your flight itinerary
  • Cold beer available on tour at extra cost

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'Fantastic trip, everything I could have asked for and more! Surfed 6 different waves over a two week period all to ourselves. Waves ranged from playful to boardbreaking. The village stays were an amazing experience meeting so many friendly locals and sharing the Solomons culture. Great cooking from Cynthia and thanks to Tony for making the trip run so smoothly considering no tourists ever come to Malaita!' Rich, Jersey, C.I., U.K.


'Highlight: not seeing a single other tourist for the two weeks we were there. The locals treat you like royalty and could not be friendlier. I'd imagine a similar experience would have been Indonesia 30 years ago. Tony gave us great insights into the fascinating cultural, political and social histories of each area we stayed. The best travel experience that I have had - and that is before mentioning the waves!' Henry Berresford, Jersey, U.K.

Kieren (December 2012)

'I was completely blown away with the trip! The people and surf are amazing along with every aspect of the trip. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect before I left so I decided to approach the trip with no expectations and just flow and I couldn't have imagined a more memorable time. I feel the work that you and Steve are doing there is very honorable which is rare these days.'

Chris (March 2011)

'I wanted to thank you and Steve... what an unbelievable experience I have had!! Whilst we scored such fun waves in world class surf, it was the way you run your operation and the people involved that made the trip. Joyce is amazing – she really seems to understand exactly what we would like and it made things so relaxing. Jack was a character – his organization getting me back to Honiara was perfect. Steve did a superb job ensuring everything continued on smoothly. My ability certainly didn’t do justice to the seemingly endless potential of the North Malaita region. Steve and I surfed The Mountain one afternoon and scored perfect little 2’ – 3’ lefts – just the two of us out... it was a special session as we had expected it to be too small to surf. Yesterday we had a great session at Charlie’s (both the right and the left) with all the boys getting a few crackers. In the afternoon, we surfed Fou-Fou (on the right) for my last surf... and again all the boys were into it getting some of the more solid waves we had seen! It was a great crew and I was really sorry to say goodbye'.

Tim (April 2011)

'Wow, where to begin? the adventure provided by Tony and Jon is one of the most memorable surfing trips I've ever had. It not often surfing trips enable you to immerse yourself in such an amazing culture. Though the waves do not quite rival that of indo they are perfect and pack a punch, but the best thing about the surfing is you are guaranteed not to see another surfer in the line up other then the guys you are on the trip with. This trip is for all those surfers out there looking to get off the beating track and gain an amazing experience. Would I go back? Absolutely!'

Joel (March 2013)

The last ten days have been some of the most amazing of my surfing life. The Solomon Islands has thrown an entirely new angle into what is possible from a surf trip. We travel to find waves and occasionally, if you are willing to get a little sticky you can find so much more. Our guide Tony has been amazing. His knowledge of these islands is outstanding and his integration with the local people is 100%. For the intrepid traveller wanting to discover these parts alone it would be possible, but extremely difficult. Going with Tony ensured that the local villages benefit from visiting surfers and the visitors get to surf the best waves… Crowd numbers here are non-existent and will probably stay that way for a long time as you have to be willing to give up a few luxuries that other destinations can offer. The waves here can be perfect and there are so many breaks to choose from. But the best thing on offer here is the true experience of being invited into a pacific island village, even if it is only for a few days the place really is paradise. The only thing I can say that really puts the trip into perspective is that I would do it again tomorrow! In fact I have already started talking about booking again next year, want to come?… Thanks to ‘The Perfect Wave’ team and ‘Surf Solomon’s’ for making the trip possible. Thanks to the crew that came – there were a lot of laughs along the way…