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One of the regions best right hand waves is directly in front of the lodge, about 80 meters from the front steps. All transfers to the lodge are done via air and are inclusive in the package price. All surf transfer boats are state-of-the-art and Telo Island Lodge features double redundancy (each boat has a back-up boat of equal quality) on all marine equipment. The guides are experienced in the region and provide a service second to none. Telo Island Lodge has featured in many international surfing magazines and has been the location for several surf movies showcasing the amazing fun waves of this region.
Quick Facts
    • max 8 surfers
    • 20 uncrowded waves
    • 2 surf guides
    • 4 speedboats
    • commitment to excellence
    • fly-in/fly-out service
    • high-end service
    • surf out front
    • all-inclusive package
Telo Island Lodge is a full service surf resort featuring, fly-in fly-out fully guided surfing experiences for a maximum of eight guests. The common area is a huge open-plan space that features a bar, TV lounge area, full-size table tennis table and individual reading areas. The grounds of the lodge are all manicured with multiple decked areas featuring umbrellas and sun lounges with a view of the break directly in front of the lodge and the bar is also accessible from the main deck area.
The meals are all-inclusive – with the exception of select alcoholic beverages – at the Telo Island Lodge and have been designed to emphasize fresh, healthy, super-food/performance-enhancing nourishment to maintain peak energy levels during the experience. The Chef Restu has a bevy of unique dishes at the ready, as well as the ability to provide a menu based on dietary requirements upon request prior to arrival. Meals vary between buffet and table service, shared in the company of other guests. Feel free to dine in the dining room or one of the al fresco areas of the resort.

All of the boats of Telo Island Lodge and marine equipment are serviced at double the rate recommended by the manufacturers and no cost is spared in making sure. All boat skippers are fully qualified and come with many years experience on the ocean.

Services & Amenities

In Rooms:

  • Air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms in all rooms
  • King-sized beds
  • 2x daily housekeeping
  • Complimentary laundry service
  • Satellite Television
  • Board games and DVD library
  • Full-time photographic service
  • Surf board rentals
  • Complimentary surf board storage
  • Full-service bar
  • Best-in-class guides and boat drivers
  • Three in-house chefs who prepare all meals
  • In house masseuse
  • Tsunami Evacuation hill
  • Double redundant Marine Operations systems
  • Double redundant power generation systems
  • Double redundant staffing systems
  • C-band high-speed broadband Wi-Fi in all areas of the lodge
  • Global roaming service available for guests’ mobile telephones (satellite phone also available)


Health & Treatments

There are massage treatments to soothe the active body and mind, and you can enjoy a preventive maintenance to help you take advantage of your full trip, or recover from an injury, or just relax and take a session off while everyone else goes for a surf.

The amazing beaches create perfect opportunities for low-impact exercises such as yoga or light resistance training. If you require one of traveling exercise kits, you let us know upon booking.

Guided Translation Services

Since surfing is truly a universal language, they’ve formed a partnership with a leading translator guiding service available to guests upon request. The translator will accompany your group for the length of the trip. Please inquire about pricing upon booking.

80 Down

The main transfer boat, 80 Down, is a 7.3M centre-console, targa top, computer-designed plate alloy Kahjaya vessel built new in Jarkata in 2008. It features full navigation systems and on-board electronics which allows to keep in communication with the resort at all times. It also features on-board music systems to play everything from CD’s to MP3/I-pods. 80 Down is powered by eco-friendly state of the art twin 150 HP 4-stroke outboards, carries 600 liters of fuel and has a top speed of 40 knots. All guest seating is on padded chairs undercover and they carry a full stock of ice-cold beer, water and soft drinks at all times. 80 Down can safely carry up to 12 people and their surfing equipment to most breaks in the region in total comfort and a matter of minutes

Zero Down

Zero Down is a 26-foot centre-console, computer-designed-7mm plate alloy, Phil Curren model designed and cut in Australia. ZD is powered by a 200 hp Yamaha two-stroke outboard purchased new in 2008. She carries 200 liters of fuel, giving a full-speed run time of four hours. The boat is fitted with two-way communications, GPS, fish finder, game rods capable of being rigged for everything from tuna to big sailfish, stereo, ample shaded area and drink and food refrigeration for longer trips. Surf-craft storage is forward and there is ample seating room for eight surfers, guide and driver. The boat has been refurbished for 2009 and is capable of 26 knots cruise, 33 knots top speed, getting us to most breaks in total comfort and a matter of minutes.

Lagoon/Service Tenders

In addition to our main surf transfer boats they also have an array of smaller boats that are used for everything from supply transfer to lagoon cruising. The smallest of these is "Bombay Sapphire" a 5-meter flat bottom wood boat and the largest of these is "Marlin 2" a 7-meter cargo boat. These boats are handmade by the local community using local hardwood.


Situated lagoon-side in a protected pocket at the base of a small mountain, Telo Island Lodge commands a vista over one of Indonesia’s most coveted surfing locations. Max’s Right, one of the region’s premier rights, is directly in front of the lodge, approximately 80 meters from the doorstep, and provides an ever-changing outlook for lodge guests.

The lodge itself is an open-plan post-and-beam construction fusing local North Sumatran construction style with western ideals. Huge undercover decks and open common areas are surrounded by lush green manicured lawns and a tropical lagoon. State-of-the-art surf transfer speedboats are standing by for your use.

With fly-in fly-out service, down time is minimal. An hour after boarding the flight to the island, you should be waxing up a surfboard and heading out to the best waves of your life. But the ultimate judge of any operation is the rate at which guests return: Telo Island Lodge has the highest return rate of any surfing lodge in Indonesia.

Telo Island Lodge is also the only land-based surf lodge in North Sumatra with a tsunami escape zone three meters from the main building, ensuring a level of safety not available in any other surf tourism facility in the region.

All rooms have king size beds, air-conditioning and ensuite facilities with an always-on WiFi internet connection throughout the property. Rooms are serviced twice daily with complimentary laundry service.

The Main House

The Telo Island Lodge Main House is a giant, open-plan-style building right on the lagoon’s edge at Max’s Right, one of the most stunning vistas in the surfing world.

A 23x15 metre post-and-beam constructed house, it has two separate air conditioned bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom with hot and cold shower, tiled floor, western-style flush toilet, and private deck with undercover surfboard rack. The main guest area features a clear view of the surf and jungle, and the open-screen construction makes you feel like you’re right in the jungle on the water’s edge.

The Lagoon House

Located at the far end of the main beach, about 50 meters from the Main House, the Lagoon House features upstairs and downstairs bedrooms for up to 5 people. Both levels of the lagoon house are fully air-conditioned. The Lagoon House also features a sizable deck extending out into the lagoon for a full over-water feel. The deck and all rooms overlook the water.

For both Houses, the sleeping arrangements can vary from single beds to full-sized kng beds, depending on your group.

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is the latest addition to this surf resort. It is no more than a longboard’s length away from the Main House. It is a post-and-beam constructed building containing a wall of private guest surf board storage lockers, numerous open lockers for additional surf board storage, and two work benches for tuning boards. 

Surf & Other Activities


If you’re looking for thundering 10-foot tubes across shallow sharp reefs, this is not the ideal location, but if you’re into chasing 3-6 foot user-friendly perfect surf with you and a few mates, there are few locations on the planet better.

The surf there is ultra-consistent in the 3-5-foot range, with lefts and rights that work in all tides, and opposite wind directions virtually guaranteeing off-shores every day. Best of all, the variety of surf offers many options for all levels of surfers and equipment. In Telo Island there are over 20 different waves within an hour’s run of the lodge; the majority are within 20 minutes: 

  • The Bubble: Suited to advanced-level surfers, the Bubble is a super-sucky right that does a 180-degree wrap before ending in deep water. The water clarity at The Bubble has to be seen to be believed and has been the location of many epic tube rides. 10 minutes from the lodge.
  • Max's Left: A long, bowling left will throw up a tube in two separate sections perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer, the left is one of the most consistent breaks in the area. Located directly behind the lodge a short 2 minute boat ride away and working on the opposite wind to the break directly in front of the lodge, the left has been the location of many memorable sessions.
  • Max's Right: A fun, bowling right that offers everything from hittable walls to tube rides. Less than 100 meters from your bedroom at the lodge, the right is Telo Island Lodge home break and speaks for itself.
  • G.T's: A super-fun, super tubular right, about 20 minutes from the lodge. Named after Aussie surfing legend Grant Thomas who holds the Telo Island Lodge Bintang record, when it’s on GT’s has been compared to HT’s in the Mentawai’s without the shallow end section. A world-class tube that has featured on the cover of many magazines and the pages of many international surf companies promotional campaigns. A favorite of the lodge's guides who surf the place better than anyone.
  • Pinnacles: A super-fun right about 5 minutes from the lodge. Pinnacles is a great longboard wave and also has a great air section in it's end bowl. This wave is set in one of the prettiest backdrops in the region. Pinnacles is one of the favorites of return guests.
  • Jurassic Park: Another epic left point on coral, Jurassic’s is set in a back drop that influenced the name and can vary from a full heart-in-your-mouth type tube to a fun totally wackable wall. This wave is in the extreme southern part of the Lodge's range and requires a full day's outing and a couple of hours in the speedboats to access.
  • School Yards Region: Made up of several separate waves all of which work on different swell directions, the “yard” is about 10 minutes from the lodge and almost another region of waves. Open to the full brunt of the swell, this area is always the largest of any of the Lodge's breaks. Featuring everything from a “Sunset Beach” style open-ocean peak to fun hittable rights and lefts, a trip to the yard always draws a smile.
  • Le-Ba: At three to five feet it may be one of the funnest rights on the planet. Suits beginners to intermediate surfers. 10 minutes from the Lodge.
  • The E.R.: Made up of two separate reef passes, the E.R. features two lefts and three rights. Best on a very light to medium swell, the E.R. has a wave suited to all levels of experience. Generally the surf needs to be flat at our other breaks for this break to be its best. The E.R. is also home to some amazing live coral and snorkeling. 15 minutes from the lodge.
  • Murdoch's: A fun left that can have its day, best on the larger swells that come less frequently to this tucked away area. 30 minutes from the lodge.
  • Dislocators: A shallow, tubing left suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. Dislocators is in a region to the south that is more suited to the advanced level surfer willing to leave a little skin on the reef. 28 minutes from the lodge.
  • Zippers: A super-fast left suited to experienced surfers, Zippers is a racing tube over a shallow reef located in the School Yards region. A real step-up wave Zippers has the measure of all but the best surfers. 15 minutes from the lodge.
  • Wegs: An amazing coral point suited to advanced surfers, nothing but high-speed tubes, Wegs is located in the southern region among most of the heavier waves suited to more advanced level surfers. 35 minutes from the lodge.
  • Depth Charges: Death and carnage is the best way to describe this break. One of the heaviest waves in Indonesia DC’s has been the scene of some of the most horrific accidents in surfing. The guide Dave Simons has broken his back there, Joel Parkinson has been knocked unconscious and the list goes on. Needless to say, it doesn’t often surf here. 35 minutes from the lodge.

A good surf guide can make or break a trip and they can save you incalculable time, money and frustration. The Telo Island guides (Dane Pioli, Dan Corbett, Agus Rianto, Hendrianto) are world-class surfers who focus on enhancing guest experiences, not their own. They ensure your time is maximized, and match a surf break’s degree of difficulty with your own individual abilities and comfort zones. Not only that, they’re all about safety.

Other Activities
Eco Excursions - If you’re keen to explore the island, there’s a variety of options: visit an ancient mangrove forest, explore island terrestrial caves or volunteer in the village school for a day.

Fishing - Telo Island has an extensive range of gear and lures, but if you want you can bring your own equipment.

Snorkeling - With good coral reefs and a limited commercial fishery, Telo Island is a snorkeler’s dream. They supply all the equipment you need.

Paddling - Whether you’re a dedicated enthusiast, an opportunistic part-timer, or a curious first-timer, you’ll find the un-crowded waves are ideal for stand-up paddle-boarding. You can bring your own equipment or use which they provide you. A full lap of the lagoon in the late afternoon with an outgoing tide is a trip that will stay with you forever.

Other Surf Experiences

Denny (September 2016) 
The trip was amazing.  We surfed out front everyday. Soild 4-6 ft . The group that joined me was super fun. We all mended perfect.Alot of drinking and laughing. There's a tear in my eye as we speak.
Thanks for making everything possible. 


When you go on a surf holiday, you want to minimize the admin/ organisation and maximize the time in the water/ having fun. You also want the security of knowing everything's been thought of, connections are smooth, pick ups organised and on time and the destination's great.Congratulations Perfect Wave for a 10/ 10 performance!Great holiday, travel smooth, waves perfect, resort managed with warmth, skill and enthusiasm.

Experience Begun: September 2013
Created on: Thursday 31 October 2013

Just got back from an awesome trip to Telos Surfing Village. Had an absolutely cracking time, big walls, barrels, good food and Bintangs with a group of mates, surfing in boardies in the middle of an Aussie winter! Booked through The Perfect Wave, everything was smooth and straight forward. Already thinking about where to go next year.

Experience Begun: July 2013
Created on: Thursday 8 August 2013

Hi MattPretty flat out at the moment but I will try to call you soon Trip was fantastic. 9 different break across the trip including the secret beach breakBob was great to surf with and is fearless. I watched cop 8 x 6ft waves on the head and come up laughing... Lodge is really nice and the staff are really good and attentive as well Hope you are catching some of the Quickie Pro at the moment. not bad Cheers Matt

Experience Begun: February 2013
Created on: Tuesday 12 March 2013

Only word I can think of to describe this trip is "Epic". I was pumped for weeks leading up to this holiday and I can honestly say it has surpassed all expectations. Great mixture of sick waves, great people, awesome food making this the ultimate surf trip.

Experience Begun: June 2012
Created on: Wednesday 5 September 2012

10 Days of heaven, fantastic surf, awesome staff, magnificent food and amazing lodge!

Experience Begun: August 2012
Created on: Wednesday 5 September 2012