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The whole area around Porto, especially to the south, has numerous surf spots, empty lineups and waves for every level. Surfivor Surf Camp offers comfortable accommodation, surf lessons and guiding, and you will be able to chill out near the ocean, meet new friends and discover the culture-rich area.
Quick Facts
    • Comfortable surf camp accommodation
    • Surfing lessons & guiding
    • Consistent swells and empty lineups
    • Good for solo travellers as well as couples and groups
    • Visit the cultural town of Porto

Avoid crowds, meet relaxed people and find perfect conditions to learn to surf! Mild climate, consistent swells, empty surf spots and a very relaxed atmosphere... the north of Portugal is probably the most undiscovered surf destination in Europe of the moment. This is the place to spend your surfing holiday!


It is blessed with good and consistent swells throughout most of the year and for every level of surfing there is a spot to be found. You don’t even have to go far from famous/crowded beaches to find yourself alone with possibly an even better wave. There are a great number of world class waves in northern Portugal.


Porto is a small city by the ‘Douro’ river, capital of culture in 2001 and UNESCO world heritage site, is full of history, culture and tradition! The sympathy and laid back lifestyle of the local people, the ‘Tripeiros’, makes you feel immediately comfortable and welcome! Host to the famous Port wine, Surfivor takes you on a tour visit around this beautiful region. It’s a great way of having a day rest from the beach and the surf, to see some more of this country!


Spend your day between the beach and the camp, where you can relax in the shade and enjoy the atmosphere. The local beach is blessed with some of the most beautiful sunsets, which accompanied by a beer and BBQ make your day simply perfect.


This typical Portuguese Holiday House offers accommodation in comfortable 4-6 person shared rooms, as well as in private 1-2 person rooms which are ideal for couples or single travellers. Right next to the Surf House is a small camp site, which they rent during summer and which is reserved only for the guests of the Surf Camp.


The attic of the Surf House has a chill out lounge and terrace with ocean view. Here you can relax, read a book or watch the latest surf movies. There is a variety of card and board games available and a WI-FI internet connection is free to use over the entire surf camp area.


The common area connects the fully equipped kitchen and dining room with the outside garden area. You will find everything you need to prepare your meals and you can enjoy the evening while having a BBQ and chatting with the other guests about the great waves you surfed that day.

Surf & Other Activities


The whole area around Porto, especially to the south, has numerous surf spots, empty lineups and waves for every level. Here are descriptions of the nearby beaches:

Esmoriz – This is the beach right in front of the Surf House. It’s one of the nicest and longest beaches in the region, offering a wide choice of shifting sandbanks and hidden breaks that can result in excellent waves. The Surf House has a very privileged location, with easy access to the middle of the beach from where you can reach all breaks.

Cortegaça – 1 km of sand banks that generates several fun breaks. Although it has been getting more popular in the past years, Cortegaça beach still offers great un-crowded surf and many options for all levels of experience. There are several peaks, with the main surf spot south off the jetty. Works best late spring to late summer, with west/north western swells, no wind or east wind (off shore) and with a 4-6 ft swell.

Maceda– They consider this beach the crown jewel of all surf spots in this region. It might not have the easiest breaks and doesn’t work as often as other beaches, but it is the most beautiful of all. Maceda is a wild, 6 km long beach full of empty surf spots begging to be found. With a huge pine forest on one side and the Atlantic on the other, this beach makes you think that you are lost in the wilderness! Surfivor love to organize day trips to here, when the waves are pumping.

Espinho – north Portugal’s most famous surf spot and former host to the WQS world championship. The powerful right hander point break, also off a jetty, right in front of the casino, is the main surf spot, but the inside allows easy paddle out and is very good for beginners. During the months of Jul/Aug however it can get overcrowded.

Matosinhos: The long pier of Porto’s harbour offers shelter to big west/north-western swells and provides small waves and good learning conditions.

: Also sheltered by a huge pier, this picturesque little town entices for a nice day trip and you'll find great learning conditions and protection from north winds. Like Matosinhos, this is an option to find good small waves, when Cortegaça gets impossible.

Surfivor School

It all starts with an effective training program, including video analysis and specific exercises. Your classroom is the beach, the playground is the waves! They guarantee your success in surfing. Several different wave types and conditions will develop security and improve your surfing. Surfivor surfing instructors are certified professionals, with years of experience as surfers and surfing instructors. The surfboards and wetsuits have been chosen to guarantee for best learning conditions. The surfboards they use are especially designed for beginners. You will experience your first stand-ups on a Malibu or Mini-Mal.

By the time you develop your skills, you can try Evolution or Short boards, which will give more maneuverability. They use comfortable, high quality Long-John wetsuits, since they are adequate for the Atlantic temperatures and those long hours in the water.


Other Activities

Yoga - They have their very own yoga program, applied in parallel to the surf course, to keep body & mind in good shape.

Local market - In Espinho, a town next to the surf camp, you can visit the local market on every Monday. Here you will see all kind of things and get a good view on the typical Portuguese life. It’s a good chance to get some groceries for the week!

Surfaris - One-day surfaris up or down the coast make part of the program, especially in spring and autumn, when you have to search for better waves. This is a great chance to see a little bit more of Portugal. They’ll take you surfing at different beaches and visit other towns. After a long day of surfing, nothing better than to enjoy a healthy and fresh Portuguese meal!

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