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El Salvador

The 320km coastline of El Salvador is dominated by a selection of right-hand point breaks with cobble stone bottoms, great for surf.  Water temperatures range between 25°-29°C, it’s ideal for spending lengthy sessions in the water.  With 20 years of post-civil war years under its belt, it is flourishing as a surfing vacation destination but it is only in the fledgling stages, with plenty of virgin coastline to left to explore in the search for waves.

El Salvador Favourites

Punto Roco
-  Long hollow right hand point break
La Paz – A rocky right hand point break that will keep you entertained
Zunzal – Right hand point with super consistency
El Zonte – Yet another right-hand point break but only to be surfed when the tide is up as it is riddled with rocks.  Surfers beware.

Where to stay
El Salvador Surf Tours and trips
 have a variety of stunning beach front accommodation, spanning the El Salvadorian Coast, giving you access to whatever beach break you fancy.  With hotels that are of the indigenous style of the Nahuats or Pipiles to private Spanish styled homes with three bedrooms and a swimming pool. As well as hostel-style living for those who are backpacking around Central America. Let us know your needs and we’ll make it happen.

Go Exploring
Whether you’re heading out for some open water fishing or checking out the Mayan ruins, to taking a little trip through El Salvador’s bustling cities, don’t forget the many volcanoes to climb.

Like most tropical countries, El Salvador’s climate is divided in to two distinct seasons, The Wet and The Dry. The wet season from May through to October sees the largest and most consistent swell, averaging head high but regularly peaking to 8’-12’.  November through mid-April brings the dry season with clear sunny days, consistent waist-high swell and prevailing offshore breezes.

Board Shorts all year round.






There are two separate surf areas on El Salvador’s Pacific coast. The La Libertad is the most popular area and offers numerous quality breaks. Punta Roca and Suznal in La Libertad are two of the best breaks in the country. But Punta Roca has a somewhat of a bad reputation, so talk to other travelers to stay out of trouble. The beaches around La Libertad have an awesome selection of right hand breaks.

The second area, the 'Wild East', also has some world-class breaks and is slowly growing in popularity as the quality of accommodations improves.

  • Sunzal - Ranging in size from chest high to a few feet overhead, this right break is very consistent
  • Punta Roca - This is the best wave in El Salvador. It is a word-class right that is hollow and can run for about 400m. The inside section, called La Paz, is separated from the big wave break and is ideal for beginners.
  • Playa Conchalio - During the peak season the waves are fast and hollow, but a great place to check out in the off season as it holds rideable waves even when other breaks are flat.
  • La Bocana - This is the best left break in El Salvador. It’s a long and powerful rivermouth break.
  • Zonte - Consistent and fast right point break that sometimes also has two lefts.
  • Las Flores - Flores is a quality right point break featuring a hollow outside section and long rides.
  • Punta Mango - Powerful, fast, and hollow, can also get quite big.




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