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Stelle Belle is a lovely luxury hotel in the heart of Japan's skiing country, Hakuba. The hotel is complete with on site hot springs, and both Japanese and western style rooms. The location is great, with regular public transport to the ski slopes. This somewhat offsets the fact that Stelle Belle isn’t ski in, ski out. The rooms themselves are pretty nice, though the lack of wifi throughout the hotel may put off some visitors. However, there’s some pretty nice luxuries here. First and foremost is the hot spring, which is a notch above many of Stelle Belle’s neighbors. It’s made out of an old miso barrel, and is quite an experience.

Quick Facts
    •  Both Japanese and western rooms
    •  Unique miso barrel bath
    •  Great location


Stelle Belle is a beautiful property located just 150m from the slopes of Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47. Offering 36 rooms of both Western and Japanese style, Stelle Belle can accommodate all travelers to Hakukba and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Stelle Belles has English speaking staff with authentic Japanese flavors that add a genuine feel to your stay.

Stelle Belle’s Western Rooms are all modern and well equipped, featuring TV, telephone, en suites and beds (futons and washrooms in the Japanese rooms).

Breakfast and dinners are offered at the in house restaurant. The Japanese dinner is produced with the freshest local ingredients and provides guests with a true authentic Japanese dining experience. Breakfast offer's a mixture of both authentic Japanese and familiar Western cuisines to suit all guests.

After a long day on the mountain, the best place to unwind is the hotel’s natural onsen, designed within an old miso barrel. This open air bath, open 24 hours, provides to the authentic Japanese Onsen experience, with natural mineral waters and the other influences of the barrel wood and charcoals.

 There are many skiing areas near the hotel. Most years, you can expect plenty of serious powder, which can be a real thrill for experienced skiers looking for something special.


Stelle Belle's rooms feature a range of features, and come in both Japanese and western styles.

The types of rooms include:

Standard double room

Capacity 1-3 persons / Approx. 22~23m²

  • Includes a roomy double bed of the king size.
  • The bed of duvet style heals the fatigue of sports and the trip.
  • There is also a bathroom.

Western room A

Capacity 2 - 4 persons / Approx. 27~30m²

  • Deluxe room with more space than standard double room.
  • One extra sofa bed for parties of 4 people

Standard western style room

  • One extra sofa bed for parties of 3 people.
  • The bed is single size by a twin type.
  • There is a private bathroom.

Connecting room

Capacity 4 - 5 persons

  • Two separate bedrooms in one room. Perfect for families and groups.
  • Stylish interior with attic style.
  • One extra room at the back of the bedroom.
  • Closet, bathroom in the center.
  • The bed is a twin type of the single beds.

Japanese room

Capacity 2 - 5 persons

  • Spacious, 10 tatami-mat space with restroom. (no shower or bathtub.)
  • Perfect for families and friends who enjoy a peaceful, relaxed space.
  • When you sleep, you spread futon and put it away to the closet in the daytime.

Executive double room

  • Spacious living room beside bedroom.
  • Spacious room for our special guests.
  • It is a roomy double bed of the king size.
  • The bed of duvet style heals the fatigue of sports and the trip.
  • There are a bathroom, and it is the most popular with the visitors from the foreign country.
  • Spacious living with sofa room beside bedroom.


Other features and services include:

- Restaurant

- Air conditioning

- Refrigerator

- Bath, Coffee / Tea Maker

- Hair Dryer

- TV

- Vending Machines

- Elevator,

- Lift

- 24-Hour Reception

- Meeting rooms

- Laundry service

- Photocopier

- Luggage storage

- Self laundry

Surf & Other Activities

The countryside around Hakuba is dotted with ski areas, with some of the country's best slopes. Stelle Belle is located very close to Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort. It takes about three minutes walk, though there are plenty of other ski areas nearby.

Outside skiing season, the region is great for trekking in the mountains or enjoying a spot of fishing in a lake nearby. Sites like Hakubadake, Karamatsudake, Hakuba snowy gorge, Tsugaike and more in the vicinity.

Along with skiing, the region is also known for its great hot springs.

Stelle Belle takes this age old tradition to the next level with its unique miso barrel bath.

 The delicate spring water has gently soaked through the earth for 70 years, and also contains bincho charcoal and bamboo charcoal. It's an extremely satisfying experience, and worth trying for yourself!

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