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This is a package for hardcore surfers looking to surf the most remote, desolate, & uncrowded point breaks in mainland Mexico. Salina Cruz, Oaxaca is one of the last frontiers in mainland Mexico. At Salina Cruz Surf House, you will find everything you could need to enjoy a pleasant stay. Is fully air-conditioned, chill out area, common area and 5 bedrooms and Pool. Each bedroom for 2 people and has a private bathroom, wifi, computer, laundry, cable TV and DVD Player. With more than a dozen different surf breaks (right hand sand bottom point breaks, jetty breaks, and a few rock reefs) a short distance of your accommodation, the Southern Oaxaca Coast is the perfect place for a Surfari Surfinders adventure.
Quick Facts
    • uncrowded waves
    • secret spots
    • up to 400m rides
    • experienced guides
    • perfect point breaks
    • videography
    • photo service
    • lots of extra activities
    • surf school avalable

This is a package for hardcore surfers looking to surf the most remote, desolate, & uncrowded point breaks in mainland Mexico. Salina Cruz, Oaxaca is one of the last frontiers in mainland Mexico.

This is a trip for any surfer who wants to get away from work to surf and explore some of Mexico's finest waves.The base of the surf camp is located on the southern coast of Oaxaca "gulf of Tehuantepec", in the city of Salina Cruz. Salina Cruz is located an hour and a half from Huatulco. This town is unknown to most surfers. A Mexican industrial town with an oil based economy featuring a large Pemex plant, oil refinery, and commercial port. Around 200,000 inhabitants, there's only a couple surfers, leaving the waves in this regioni relatively untapped. Salina Cruz is land of the right points. There is about 12-15 right points in this regon which favor all kinds of surfers. All waves from sand bottom point breaks to rock reef points located within 15-45 minutes from where you stay. Oaxaca provides the opportunity to surf in uncrowded waves surrounded with the untouched beautiful nature. The waves offer excellent conditions for surfers of any ability. Access around these area's is difficult and an experienced surf guide is necessary.

This area requires 4-wheel drive to get to most surf breaks. No matter where it is on the coastline, every day you will be transported to the best wave of the day you will be accompanied by a professional surf guide who will show you the best Surf Breaks of the region, where you can enjoy perfect waves surrounded in the unaltered beautiful nature.

With more than a dozen different surf breaks (right hand sand bottom point breaks, jetty breaks, and a few rock reefs) a short distance of your accommodation, the Southern Oaxaca Coast is the perfect place for a Surfari Surfinders adventure. You will be able to surf perfectly shaped right-hand point breaks. Some breaks offering 400 meter rides. Many of Surfing Breaks are known only by your surf guide. Meaning, you will be the only surfers in the line-up surfing some of the best waves around the world!


At Salina Cruz Surf House, you will find everything you could need to enjoy a pleasant stay. Is fully air-conditioned, chill out area, common area and 5 bedrooms and Pool. Each bedroom for 2 people and has a private bathroom, wifi, computer, laundry, cable TV and DVD Player.

You will love the Cuisine of the Surf House, featuring an American breakfast every morning and delicious Mexican cuisine and the best Oaxaca dishes for lunch and dinner.


SURF HOUSE KITCHEN "Most of all – good taste and very clean-food’’

Breakfast: American breakfast or continental breakfast
Option #1 Breakfast (pre-surf)

Option #2 6am Box carry-out food.

Lunch: Enjoy the wide selection of a la carte menus for lunch with the best fresh sea food and the best Mexican dishes.
Mexican style beef, The Famous Tlayudas, (oaxacan oversize quesadilla with beans and melted oaxacan cheese on it), The Gorditas, ( Oaxacan cheese, meat, beans), Eggs different styles: Mexican style, rancheros, scrambled, Chilaquiles, Enchiladas, Mole….


A big palapa very clean made of palm leaf where you can enjoy relaxing in the hammocks with a cold beer after a great day in the waves.

Dinner: Where you’ll enjoy the best Oaxacan and Mexican cousine with a Mexican atmosphere.
Meals are all served with choices of Water, Fruit Juices Iced Tea and Lemonades.


They will store 1 surfboard bag w/ up to 4 boards securely onsite for their regular guests. This is a great option if you come down regularly and don't want to pay $ every time to shuttle your boards back and forth.

Surf & Other Activities

Surf Breaks

  • Los planes: Miles of good, A-frame beachbreak with prevailing offshores year round, though sometimes too strong Oct-Apr. Tubes. A swell magnet, best on small-medium S and SW swells. N-E winds. Low tide best. Boat access only from nearby fishing village. No other surfers.
  • Las palmas: Excellent sandbar formation. Not world class but fun, mellow waves favoring rights. Excellent longboarding or novice shortboarding. Low tide best. Not advised after heavy rains due to rivermouth outflow. NW-NE winds. Best at 3-5 ft. No other surfers.
  • Punta Rosalia: A very protected righthand pointbreak which peels along the inside of a headland with rides up to 300 meters. A classic longboard wave in an idyllic setting. SW-NW winds are offshore. S winds okay. The dominant N-NE winds blow side onshore here. Rainy season May-September is best. No other surfers.
  • Chametla: Worldclass righthand jetty break. Comparable to rights at Oceanside South Jetty but hollower. Steep, often, dry takeoff. A mistake puts you into the rocks. The wave is a barrel with up to 5 second stand up tube rides when on. The prevailing N winds are offshore here but sometimes turn hard NE and give the wave a dangerous cross chop. Works on all tides but low to mid tides best. Sometimes 3-5 local surfers or bodyboarders with friendly stoked-out attitudes as long as you come here with a local and respect a traditional lineup system with surfers alternating turns.
  • Punta Entrega: Surreal location amidst massive primordial sand dunes in natural isolation hosting a world class right pointbreak with rides up to 500 meters that has been compared to Jeffrey's. 2 takeoff areas, a deeper hollow section or a more bowly take off down the line, slower middle section with open faces setting up for a racetrack semi-hollow inside section with cover ups. SW-W winds or no wind best. The dominant and often strong N-NE winds blow side onshore here and ruin the wave. Best to lurk in the area and then get on it the minute the winds die or shift to SW-W. Best during rainy season and boat access only for most of it. Sketchy 4x4 access the rest of the time a long way from help. Low to mid tides best and needs a solid 4-8 foot S or SW swell. No one here.
  • Punta Centenario: Another righthand pointbreak but this one is a mushier wave ideal for longboards and beginners. High tides best. NW-SW winds or light N winds okay.
  • Punta arrozito: Postcard whitesand beach tucked away inside a surreal rocky headland. The wave wedges up against a rocky headland and into a powerful thick bowl as it peels along the cliff. The wave starts to work at 5 feet and holds up to 12ft + and doesn‚t close out. Low to mid tide best. No public access. The break lies on private land and has a locked gate patrolled by local landowners with machetes. Access with Salina Cruz Surf tours only.
  • Punta Santa Anita: This is another right point requiring low tide and a strong southerly swell to work. The wave breaks in deep water and has a steep bowly takeoff, then sets up into a long peeling inside wall section with wide open faces ideal for longboarding or fun shortboarding. SW-W winds best.
  • Punta Balandra: A righthand pointbreak accessible only by boat and still largely unexplored.
  • Inside Cholula: A powerful, hollow righthander breaking on the inside of a short jetty. Similar to Santa Barbara Sandspit. The wave sucks out and peels for 50 meters or so before self combusting. Low tides mandatory due to high tide backwash. Better wind protection than some of the other points and more consistent. Works on N, W and SW winds. 4x4 access only during rainy season and by permission of local landowners only.
  • Outside Mitla: A longer, outside second jetty which yields an extremely powerful, thick and tubing righthander with consequences.
  • Punta Mitepec: A right point break with a large rock in the lineup from which you take off on the outside or inside and surf the wave along and into a shallow inside section that tubes at low tide.
  • Punta Maderas: This is a secret spot accessible only by a long boat trip and few have ever ridden it. It is a righthand pointbreak.
  • Punta San luis: This is a righthand pointbreak. It is a fun, short, playful wave ideal for novices and longboards. no one else surfs here.
  • San Felipe: This is the most famous wave in the area. A righthand sand pointbreak. The wave barrels from the top of the headland and peels for several hundred meters down the point. The takeoff is steep and hollow but innocuous. Super fun wave. 10-15 surfers common, but 8 or less possible at times. Crowd becomes a non-issue at size due to plentiful set waves, lengthy rides and heavy currents.
  • River San Felipe: A whitesand beach with numerous sandbars and good wind protection. Uncrowded.
  • Ixtepex: A beach with a series of 2 rock reefs favoring lefthanders. One of the few opportunities to go left in the area.
  • Totolapa: A beach with a series rock reefs favoring lefthanders. 2 – 3 surfers
  • Zaashila: right hand with good form for beginners, and not a lot of force, 3 to 5 surfers
  • Zapotalillo: a beach with beachbreak, favorable in the right hand not advisable after rains.
  • Maguey: favorable for principientes. righthand from 2 to 3 ft. not others surfers
  • La Concha: righthand, for average level and very entertaining from 3 to 6 ft. few surfer, 2 – 3
  • Tlopeca: right hand next to a sand bar. ideal for new way, 2 surfer places. 6 - 9 ft
  • Zapotonengo: right hand, with very good wall, from 3 to 11 feet breaks in a special sand bar, for intermediate level, generally there is not surfers in the area, sometimes 2.
  • Ocotlan: beach break, with righthand and lefthandt, with a good pipe with good force special for table corta.6 to 12 ft
  • Punta Zicatela: very good left side, from 6 feet to 12 feet 300 of trip, ideal for beginers in winter. generally always with swell, 5 to 8 surfers locals
  • Zicatela: pipe Mexicano. beachbreak it is a beach with very powerful waves and powerful pipes called mexican pipeline.para advanced, professional level, for intermediate level in swell not for any surfista.12 ft-20 ft and 6 ft 9 ft in the low months
  • Ponçitlan: a righthand of 100 meters, special from beginners to experts, only two rocks. with regular offshore.6 ft - 12ft. not surfers
  • Chacahua: Beach break, right point,not easy of acces. Walk on a wall of rocks to the spot and then make a dive of 8-10 feets. Lots of courants but rewarded with big slow waves. Overall just a great spot!! With right and left break.
  • Pitiquito: Beach break ,beach righthand and very good left hand, stronglywith waves for beginners and intervals. not aggressive, they break on sand, 2 - 3 locals. 3 - 9 ft.
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  • Prices above are per person prices, and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations until paid in full.
  • These are example packages. Package durations can be adjusted to cater for your individual requirements. Please contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.
  • Please click "Enquire Here" or "On Special" to email us or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf travel specialists.


  • Pick up / Drop off at Huatulco airport
  • Accommodation in an upscale Resort, in Single or Twin/Double Bed Ensuite Room
  • Bilingual Surf guides: Carlos Iran and staff
  • Transfers to & from all surf beaches by 4x4 truck or speedboat.
  • Secret Surf Spot access. Able to surf all day
  • Surfinders t-shirt
  • Video Service
  • 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Beach snacks between surf sessions
  • Water, fruit juices, soda, coffee
  • Daily non-surfing activities
  • Medical service
  • First Aid Kit


  • Meals are served at the Surf Resort. Tour includes food at restaurants.
  • Max size of sharing group is 4 (one vehicle per every 4 surfers)
  • Groups of 3 or more receive private surf tour.

Extra costs:

  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Surfboard Rental
  • Babysitter
  • Surf photographer in water


The Private Surf Tour includes:

  • Accommodation (All rooms are air conditioned)
  • Pick up/Drop off at Huatulco airport.
  • All transfer by 4x4
  • 3 meals a day 
  • Snack, food, such as trail mix or candy bars, fruit to eat  and beverages between surf sessions.
  • Shade and Chairs
  • Our camp offer Unlimited guided surf tours
  • Daily Non-Surfing Activity Offered Complimentary / Eco-Adventure trips
  • First Aid Kit
  • Airport transfers: (US$180) - Huatulco Airport to Salina Cruz & Salina Cruz to Huatulco Airport.

Not Included

  • Beers and other alcoholic beverages
  • Massages
  • Babysitter
  • Surf photographer in water (The price depends on the number of surfers and days. Book it!)
  • Photography / Daily: 50 Per Surfer (55, 300, 500 mm)
  • 30 mins of Photography / Daily: 50 Per Surfer (55, 300, 500 mm) FREE!!!
  • Aerial Shooting / Video. 
  • Water Photography
  • Surf board rental weekly: US$120, daily US$20
  • Surf boards have a security deposit ranging from $150-$300 per board.

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Brian (May 2014)

Epic surf trip! Thanks so much for your hospitality, delicious food and amazing waves.  I will see you later this season for sure.