TheRainforestProject LogoThe Perfect Wave sends hundreds of surfers each year to some of the most amazing places on this planet. One such place is Sumatra, Indonesia. Home to beautiful locals, mostly untouched nature and world-class waves that we all love. Mentawai Islands off Sumatra’s coast are indisputably world’s number 1 area for quality, quantity and consistency of surf. It is a dream of every surfer on this planet to visit this area at least once.

However, these amazing and remote places battle with their problems, and us, surfers, should not be turning a blind eye to the area that has enriched our lives and many of us visit year after year. Sumatra has been battling with deforestation of its pristine rainforests and has been losing its biodiversity. Over the medium and long term, the people as well as the nature of this area is facing a massive challenge.


The Rainforest Project

The Perfect Wave has changed our procedure on travel documents and is now offering clients the option to have their documents sent out via email instead of snail mail, so you have them easily accessible in your email account – no more stress about documents lost in the post!  Also we are very conscious of our carbon footprint and the paper usage that comes with sending out thousands of paper documents each year. For every client that chooses not to receive the posted documents, The Perfect Wave will donate $5 to The Rainforest Project for the protection and restoration of rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Rainforest Project is committed to protecting and restoring the Earth’s rainforests. Rainforests provide habitat for over half of all species of life and in regulating weather patterns and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere they provide vital ecosystem services to humanity upon which will all depend.

Fifty years ago rainforests covered 14% of the world’s land surface, now less than 7% remain. Nine million hectares of rainforest are destroyed annually and on this current trend all tropical forests will be gone by the middle of the 21st century, apart that is, from those we act to save now.

Please visit their website, choose one or more of their great projects, add your support and help them grow.


2. Installing Camera Trap

Funding provided by The Rainforest Project is helping the Orangutan Information Centre. The use of camera traps in capturing images of Sumatran Orangutans, Elephants and other threatened wildlife is used to demonstrate the success in restoring habitat.

1. Nursery

Funding provided by The Rainforest Project has helped the Orangutan Information Centre to restore the Gunung Leuser National Park where they are adding to the 1 million trees planted so far.

If you wish to donate to any of The Rainforest Project causes, please CLICK HERE