by Peter Curilla

Hi guys

We have been updating you with New Zealand surf trip photo reports the whole year – courtesy of our friends NZ Surf Adventures.

Today, we have something special for you, as the guys compiled a video from the season, which will give you even a better idea of the type of waves you can score on your New Zealand surf trip.

NZ has several wave-rich regions such as East Coast, Marlborough, Northland, Piha, West Coast and Southland. From user-friendly rippable 3-4 foot walls to barrelling 6-8 lefts and rights – this country has it all. And if you want to take a day off from surfing, New Zealand happens to be one of the most interesting countries in the world with sweeping landscapes, quality wine, cool little towns and great food.

Check out the New Zealand surf video! >>

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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