by Peter Curilla

2013’s travel schedule is a mystery to even those who, themselves, book onto this once in a lifetime surf trip.

Saltmotion, an ocean art gallery furnished by leading surf photographer Joel Coleman, joined forces with The Perfect Wave Travel to visit some amazing surf breaks in 2011 and 2012.

Leading up until today, we have together enjoyed huge success by combining our skills in the surf travel and surf photography to offer you the chance to surf some of the world’s best surf breaks and have your personal best waves captured by Joel. While they were amazing and some of them more ‘off the beaten track’ than others, they were still mostly established surf destinations.

In 2013, we will up the ante on surf travel and invite you all to seek out new waves in parts of the world still undiscovered and untouched.

Pacific Surfing ExplorationsTeaming up with the operator of a purpose-built surf exploration vessel that usually operates in the waters of PNG, we have organised to relocate the vessel for a month’s worth of exploration in this new and exciting region of the South Pacific. The exact location is remaining a closely guarded secret! The operator, Andrew Rigby, a surf exploration pioneer in the PNG region is as excited as Saltmotion and Perfect Wave to simply have the opportunity to seek out new waves in an area with huge potential for amazing surf.

The entire project will be documented by Joel Coleman and each day of the exploratory mission will feature in his daily Saltmotion blog posts which will be updated via satellite connection.

Joel is also collaborating with surf filmmaking legend Jack McCoy to produce a feature documentary on the journey. Joel has been working closely with Jack on the pre-production stage and is looking forward to pointing the cameras at waves that have never been filmed or photographed before.

For those surfers and sponsors who take advantage of this incredible opportunity, this surf exploration mission promises to be the adventure of a lifetime.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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