by Jamie Gray

Any core, committed surfer would be lying if he or she said that they didn’t often fantasize about discovering perfect, never-surfed waves on remote islands in the tropics!

We have done it, and we are inviting a select few to join us on an epic once in a lifetime exploratory expedition.
Andrew Rigby, captain of the PNG Explorer and his surf guide, Darty have been operating the only surf charter vessel in Papua New Guinea discovering new waves for the last seven years or so.

Rigby said, “we’ve explored every outer island chain in PNG that faces the trade swells… we’ve found dozens of amazing waves and two legitimate world-class waves in places that’ll take the rest of the world another 15 years to catch onto.”

The Perfect Wave is inviting you to surf an area of the world where NO OTHER SURF CHARTER has been! Your chance to be part of history, your chance to discover new surf breaks. Your chance to own the story “Yep, I was one of the first crew to ever surf there”.
We will be making a feature documentary on the trip. If you come with us you also have to chance to feature in the production. We can’t wait to point the camera at some newly discovered waves.

Rigby is absolutely confident that they have targeted the absolute prime time to go exploring the region.

He said, “It gets smashed by swell, and there’s heaps of anchorages, bays, nooks and crannies and sheltered spots for swell to wrap around reefs. The swell window and chart set up are absolutely ideal for firing waves. It looks better than any other place I’ve seen in the South Pacific.”

The Exploratory Division headed up by Andrew (PNG Explorer), Joel (Saltmotion Photography) and Jamie (The Perfect Wave) has been busy researching behind the scenes, working towards making that fantasy a reality. The good news is they have pinpointed a certain untapped island that has the potential to deliver world class set ups.

The 23m air conditioned vessel is lead by a Master 5 skipper, powered by a 504 horsepower engine, equipped with 2 generators, a dive compressor, 2 fast boats, possibly the Pacific’s fanciest espresso machine, definitely the coldest beers at sea, and a full time Australian chef dishing up quality meals.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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