It’s just in the middle of PNG surf season, and our good friends at Vanimo Surf Lodge are doing a great job sending us photos and surf reports from their home surf breaks. Check out the latest surf report below.

Lido Left Vanimo PNG

How’s the surf been at Vanimo?

This week, our guest didn’t need to stray more than 100 metres from the lodge to get waves with Lido Right producing the goods. Head high peelers where groomed beautifully by light off-shore breezes. Lido Lefts has also been testing our guests with some decent size and a heavy lip. On a windier day, the guests went on a short trek up one of the rivers nearby to take a cleansing dip in its cool and clean waters below one of its waterfalls, an experience that they all rated highly.

Stef – Vanimo Surf Lodge

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