New Zealand Surfing Adventures are focused on high-quality, customized surf adventures. The surf experiences they are offering are extremely unique and range in length from “3-day strategical strikes” to “12-day North and South Island Adventure”. Doesn’t matter if you want to surf famous spots like Raglan and Taranaki or discover remote places such as Fiordland – they’ve got you covered!

On they latest 3-day trip, they scored some perfection at the top end of North Island:

There is only one way to describe our latest trip and that is “consistently pumping”. Our home base of Piha provided perfect 3-4 feet of clean punchy beach breaks for 4 days straight. After tracking an east coast swell all week we headed up to the top of the North Island and got some of the cleanest, most hollow waves I have ever seen in NZ. Steve “Corporal” Wilcox emailed me from his home in San Diego saying “he was still in awe of how good we scored it. Makes the waves at home seem so shitty”.


Nick – New Zealand Surfing Adventures

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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