by Peter Curilla

G’day friends,

Mentawai is notorious for insane surf and perfect conditions in May-September period. No doubt it is the high season and best time to go there, and people better book fast because spots always sell out 1 year ahead.

However, early and late season (March-April and October-November) doesn’t get enough credit in our opinion. Our director Jamie was in Ments in February on the Huey and they scored uncrowded perfection. All through the season from February til now, we have been getting surf reports, photos and video of pumping waves, great times and epic surf sessions – and it certainly doesn’t stop now, although we are fast approaching December:

Tengirri surf charters set the standard in Mentawai not only for their quality, but also by sending out video of each trip so we can get our froth on! Check out this clip of last week’s trip for some consistent, mellow waves, no crowds and great times on Tengirri. Enjoy!



Written by:
Ben Horvath

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