by Peter Curilla

Hi all!

Vanimo Surf Lodge is a brand-new, Australian-owned surf camp on the mainland Papua New Guinea. It offers a range of surf breaks on the north coast of PNG, neighbouring Indonesia’s territory of Jayapura.

The surf breaks are easy to access by foot or a short paddle and the range of waves is for all levels; easy Town Beach, Freight Trains at the right of Log Point or Lido’s Left and Lido’s Right. The size and direction of surf breaks in the area means that they work at the same time, giving you a plenty of choice when the surf is on. The waves break from 2-10ft all season.

The right-hander just outside the Surf Lodge (Lido’s Right or Vanimo Right) is super consistent and offers long, walkable rides, but they also have a vehicle that they take to 6 surrounding surf breaks which are about 5-10 minutes drive away east and west of the Surf Lodge.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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