A popular Papua New Guinea surf resort, Vanimo Surf Lodge is surrounded by a range of breaks on the north coast of Papua New Guinea.

Surfing in Papua New Guinea guarantees you quality uncrowded waves, great culture experience, variation of lefts and rights and a great, relaxed vibe. Vanimo Surf Lodge have sent us this update from the first month of PNG surf season. Check out the report and photos below! (copyright (c) 2013 Vanimo Surf Lodge).

Vanimo surf lodge PNG

Hello All,

Another fun week of swell ahead in Vanimo with surf in the head-high range and decent conditions.  There are only five guests scheduled for the week and the local rippers are stuck in school for another few weeks, so crowds will not be an issue.

Last week saw fun waves and daily strikes to Yako were the norm for most of the guests.  Although not its normal “ledgy” self, Yako provided a playful opportunity for the guests to test themselves in the barrel while also getting a few turns. For a more relaxed experience, other guests stuck to Lido Right and Left, which presented good diversity within walking distance of the Vanimo Surf Lodge

Tuesday found the group making the trek up to the Dadi Waterfall where they beat the tropical heat in a few natural pools and even took flight from the top. On Wednesday, we took a tour down the coast in search of some new surf spots and ended our trip at the Papua New Guinea/Indonesia border.

Stef – Vanimo Surf Lodge

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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