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Our mates at NZ Surfing Adventures just returned from the first New Zealand surf & snow adventure of the season, which was unreal. They scored 4-6 foot right hand point breaks and a record 3-metre snow fall on the same trip.

surfing in New ZealandNew Zealand is a real surfers paradise with a huge coastline to explore offering numerous secret spots, and vast areas of wilderness where you’ll find beaches with nobody else in the water. NZ Surf Adventures will guide you and take you to surf breaks that work best on the given conditions. All of the New Zealand Surfing Adventures are 100% customized to what you want, which determines the type of waves and amount of travel involved. Go on a 3-day strategical strike, 7-day trip or a 12-day North & South Island Adventure.

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All images (c) 2013 New Zealand Surfing Adventures

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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