1. Daintree Ecolodge and Spa – Australia


The world’s oldest rainforest and also one of the best protected and taken care of. At the Daintree Ecolodge and Spa when you use electricity you can rest assured knowing that part of that energy comes from the sun and not just fossil fuels contributing to climate change. Ecolodge also recycles collected rainwater for water conservation.



2. Soneva Jani – Maldives


Founded on shared passions and masters of innovation, Soneva Jani is a thriving community working hand in hand with the environment to craft beautiful, beyond bespoke experiences where discovery is a way of life. This stunning and ultra-luxurious surf resort in the northern Maldives is is driven by the guiding principle of ‘Intelligent Luxury’, which is about understanding what true luxury is for their guests. Surf the last frontier of the Maldives; secret, uncrowded surf spots without a soul in sight!


 Soneva Jani



3. Heron Island Resort – Australia

If you’re looking to experience the Great Barrier Reef look no further than Heron Island Resort. This resort is situated on a coral cay of the great barrier reef so you will actually be living on the reef itself. It also has its own power generator, water production and waste water treatment so you know you’ll be minimising your impact on this beautiful wonder of the world.

Heron Island Resort



4. Scorpion Bay Hotel – Mexico 


Experience the ‘true spirit of Baja’ and the perfect setting to experience peace and quiet amidst the raw beauty of nature. Have the opportunity to surf one of the longest, most sought after waves in the world! At the end of the long day at the beach, enjoy a siesta in the garden, have an ice cold drink, savor a local fish taco, and make yourself right at home. Scorpion Bay Hotel is Stoke Certified based on their sustainability practices: This means that their environmental, cultural heritage, social and economic impacts have been audited and have passed a strict set of criteria.


5. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort – Fiji


One of the world’s first eco-friendly luxury resorts, this resort has eco-friendly at the heart of everything it does. Jean-Michel is a well known conservationist that has done great work across the world and his resort was created with protection of the environment at the forefront. Located on the picturesque shores of Fiji, you can relax and take in Jean-Michel’s sparkling dream of a resort.


6. Kandui Villas – Mentawai


Make your dream surf getaway a reality at Kandui Villas, where you can combine the natural beauty of the ocean with the luxury of high-class accommodation. The world’s premium surf resort is neatly situated on an island surrounded by over 14 waves, with many more nearby at the Playgrounds area. Kandui Villas is the perfect escape from everyday life, not just for surfers but for anyone looking to enjoy some time basking in the sun. Couples, families, kids and non-surfers will enjoy their holiday as much as the surfers.


 Josh Kerr enjoying the Mentawais!

7. Hotel Punta Islita – Costa Rica


Enjoy Costa Rica’s best and most authentic experiences at Hotel Punta Islita, Autograph Collection. This clifftop waterfront resort boasts countless complimentary eco-adventures and cultural experiences to make your stay more engaging and fun. Surrounded by endless ocean, exuberant tropical forest and picturesque communities, there’s no better place to enjoy a day of hiking, monkey safaris, art projects, or traditional cooking lessons. Additionally, you’ll find unrivaled access to the Wild Scarlet Macaw Reserve, the Camaronal Sea Turtle Refuge, and nearby beach towns like Carrillo and Samara.




8. Matanivusi – Fiji


Surrender yourself to paradise at Matanivusi Surf Resort Fiji. One of Fiji’s newest, this surf resort was specifically built for discerning travelers who want surf, seclusion, service and satisfaction. Surf Fiji reef breaks while your partner relaxes in the comfort and luxury of the beachfront resort with fine food, and resort facilities including a swimming pool. Matanivusi Surf Resort Fiji is the ideal getaway with some of the best surf in Fiji just across the lagoon from the resort. While surfers can easily access world-class waves, non-surfers can relax, go on boat trips, snorkelling, SUP or kayak adventures or do yoga… Matanivusi is Stoke Certified based on their sustainability practices: This means that their environmental, social and economic impacts have been audited and have passed a strict set of criteria.


9. Marataba Trails Lodge – South Africa


Looking to explore the wild plains of Africa, teeming with wildlife and beauty? Then venture to the Marataba Trails Lodge powered purely by solar power and only allows 8 guests on the grounds at any one time. This lodge is home to the largest colony of cape vultures in the world which are currently an endangered species.




10. Six Senses Uluwatu – Bali


Six Senses Uluwatu Bali is a brand new, ultra luxurious resort on the southernmost area of the island. Energy conservation and waste reduction are two measures that set Six Senses Uluwatu Bali apart from other places. The hotel works to reduce plastic, and farms and gardens locally. All food in the restaurant is sourced locally. The hotel also uses water recycling in a chemically free environment. Located in a very surf-plebiscite area, from the hotel, you will be able to get to the best surf spots of the Island within 10 minutes!