The Perfect Wave’s mission is to create a trip of a lifetime by connecting people with their passions.

Nothing stokes The Perfect Wave team out more than when we receive feedback from a happy client like below.

Let me just give you a brief bit of background info on the client too:

Andrea is from Hawaii and runs an extremely successful website

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Andrea and her husband are very proficient surfers who have travelled extensively.

It is not often that we just run a feedback email word for word, but in this instance it is more fulfilling and informative than Andrea’s blog in many ways.

Here Andrea’s story

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I just want to let you know that my husband and I just finished our Surf trip in the Mentawai booked with The Perfect Wave NZ and it was a trip of a life time.

It was more than we could have imagined, just exceptional on all levels.  Part of what makes a great trip is where you are going but it’s the people there that make or break the experience and I will speak for my husband and I both when I say that the level of professionalism and kindness conducted by your staff was above and beyond our expectations and in fact made our trip greater than we could have possibly imagined.

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Our surf guide Flavio Salgado took care of us for the two weeks we were there and every single day he showed us all a good time, got us waves every day, was organized, professional, taught me personally more about surfing than I have learned in a lifetime, was encouraging, positive, knowledgeable and everywhere we went the locals knew him, loved and respected him which made all surf spots inviting and friendly  (I know that this is unique because I saw other people being taunted out of the water due to their poor surf guides).

Flavio spent every surf session in the water with us, he made sure we were all happy even though there was beginners to experts in the water … he is a LEGEND!!

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I just wanted to compliment your company, and let you know that you have people like Flavio that are representing you!

Also, one last thing, the photographer working for you in the Mentawai’s Grant Davis, is a legend also and extremely talented and on top of that super organized and professional ! It’s kind of ridiculous how good he is and just the coolest, chilled guy to have around every day.

We left with new friendships, incredible memories,  and I can honestly say it was a trip of a life time and we credit it to The Perfect Wave!  Our only dream is to do it again and again and again! Extremely grateful for your services!

Also, Glen and Lizzy from The Perfect Wave NZ are who helped us book and we couldn’t have asked for better service!

Mahalo from Hawaii!

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I will be writing up a review on my blog full of pictures and links .

Thanks again, Andy


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Written by:
Grant Davis

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