by Ben Horvath
(Photos by Neil Armstrong – The Moonwalker)


This Taiwan trailer will give you a great feel for the surf in Taiwan, and what the rest of the movie is like.

SE7EN SIGNS is a really unique flick. It is an off-shoot from Taylor Steele’s successful  Innersection series.

It is the anthology of six filmmakers in different countries on one journey.

It features Peter Devries, Asher Pacey, Ozzy Wright, Torrey Meister, Joel Fitzgerald, Harrison Roach, Otis Carey, Daniel Jones, Chris Del Moro, Eli Steele, Noah Cohen, Gavin Gillette and Kiron Jabour.

SE7EN is weaved together into one beautiful mosaic and it will be available very soon.

Nate Myers, director/filmer said, “This project is all about creating experimental films. We get an idea, set up some rules and parameters, then set the system into motion and see what it creates. For this one, Taylor Steele and I were talking about how the filmmakers never seemed to get much credit for their Innersection parts – so we wanted to do something where they were the stars as much as the surfers. The audience picked five winners from last year’s competition, and we sent them all off on different types of surf trips. Se7en is a film they all made together.”

“I filmed the Taiwan section for this project, so that I could subject myself to the same conditions as all the filmmakers and feel like part of the final vision when it came down to editing. That was a bucket list spot, and we scored really good waves (thanks to brilliant local knowledge from the team at Taiwan Surf Tours). The last decade of my life has been devoted to going places I’ve dreamed of going – and filming, photographing and surfing them makes the travel so much more interesting. Instead of just wandering around looking at temples and parks, you’re on this focus hunt for something. Beauty. waves. experiences. It’s always exhausting, but so worth it. The next place always arises when you cross one off the list.”


Background on surf in Taiwan

Neil “Moonwalker” Armstrong runs Taiwan Surf Tours.

I asked Neil to give us a rundown on what to expect when visiting. Neil said, “Taiwan straddles the Tropic of Cancer at similar latitudes to Hawaii. It is a gem in the rough. Surrounded by raucous neighbours – China, the world’s most populous nation to the west; Japan, beautiful but crowded and considerably colder to the north, and the politically unstable and regularly storm-ravaged Philippines to the south – it’s an often overlooked tropical island, complete with laid-back attitudes, warm weather, boardshorts water, and plenty of waves.”

“Taiwan has two distinct surf seasons; winter (October to March) when storms off Japan link with high-pressure systems ridging across from China to deliver swell to the east coast (the same storms push west swells to Hawaii), and summer (April to September) when typhoons (average 19 per season) and their accompanying low-pressure swells roll onto the lower east and south coasts. In a nutshell; it’s the east coast for winter, the south for summer.”

Neil on what to expect wave-wise in Taiwan?

 “At pretty much every spot we checked there were clean lines and fun waves, in crystal clear water on an ocean shimmering a light cobalt blue. And bugger- all crowds. I’ve surfed this area regularly over the past four years and the majority have been solo sessions. Must say though, it gets to the stage where after a few days of this routine, I head to the one main spot frequented by the locals just to have folks to share waves with. Coming from the crowds of OZ, regular solo surfing is not something I’m used to. But I’m letting it grow on me . . . life’s tough.”

“With a selection of rock-bottomed points, river-mouths, creek openings, and a multitude of cobblestone beachbreaks, there are waves suitable for all craft. And with the mountains so close to the coast the water run-off flushes straight into the ocean, meaning plenty of defined banks. In my van I roll with a 9’6” single-fin, a couple of forgiving shortboards, a SUP and some swim fins . . . and I can pretty much guarantee that on an average week I’ll use the lot, and at a variety of locations.”


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