The D’Bora is a massive 80-foot vessel running affordable quality surf charters in the Mentawai, Banyaks, Nias and Telos.

This unique vessel has all modern amenities, but a decidedly local Indonesian architecture and flair. With many years combined experience in the Mentawais, they’ve pooled together the best possible crew and this ensures that all guests have the time of their life- whether it be great waves, delicious food, or epic camaraderie.

The D’Bora occasionally sails North through the Telo, Hinako and Banyak Islands, chasing down uncrowded perfection.

On the menu, besides the fresh caught Mahi Mahi and Wahoo; Asu, Treasures, Bay of Plenty, Skateparks, Birdbath, Northern Lights, Angry Daves Drunken Lefts and the Glory Hole.

If you’ve surfed the Mentawai Islands, heading North should be next. The D’Boras 2019 schedule is online, check it out and get in touch!