Words and photos by @adamduffyphotography
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2/5/2018 – Padang Harbour to HTʼs

Day 1 we headed off from Padang locked and loaded. All the guys had arrived and were pumped to score some epic waves. The crossing was pleasant with only light winds. The forecast for our first day of surf was a solid SSW swell 4feet+ and light winds with HTʼs in our sights.

3/5/2018 – HTS (4-6 feet SSW Swell) Light Winds

Day 2 we arrived at HTʼs to find the swell had settled in nicely. SSW swell shoulder to occasional overhead height waves and light winds complimenting beautiful weather, clear blue skies and s sunny 30 degrees. One of the guests favourite days straight of the boat and into the water the boys all scored waves. We captured awesome drone, water and boat angles of the guys All lapping up the conditions. We finished off the day we an delicious meal and slideshow of the days takings.

4/5/2018 – Iceland (3-4 feet SW swell) Light Winds

Day 3 we decided to motor up north to Iceland where the conditions were smaller but very fun. The guys were eager to jump in the water and take full advantage of the conditions on offer. The swell was slightly smaller “t 3-4 on ” SE swell change and light S winds. The guys surfed all day followed by a slideshow of the event and some card games and movies. We decided we would head over to Macaronis in the morning to follow the new S Swell. We finished off the day we an delicious meal and slideshow of the days takings plus a few bintangs.

5/5/2018 – Iceland to Lances Left (3-5+ feet SSW swell) Light winds

Day 4 on the boat presented a new 3-5+ with varying winds. We surfed Iceland in the morning for a few hours before heading over to lanceʼs Left to see whatwas on offer. We arrived to find shoulder high lefts coming of the point nicely. The guys were quick to jump in the water and enjoy what was on offer with several surf sessions and a trip to shore to harvest our own coconuts. A late arvo surf again before settling in for the night with a slideshow and some stories of the days events. Our plans was to head to Macaronis for the early.

6/5/2018 – Macaronis (2-3 feet SW swell) light Winds

Day 5 we woke to find Maccaʼs left shoulder height. The wave looked fun and was pretty consistent. There was a few nice waves coming through and the boys were keen to enjoy what was on offer. We surfed until 10am where we then decided to head of in search of other waves. Our goal was to arrive at Thunders by the morning as we knew the conditions would be right for the wave. We finished off the day we an delicious meal and slideshow of the days takings.

7/5/2018 – Thunders (5-6+ feet Sw swell) Very Light Winds

Day 6 we arrived to Thunders with solid double overhead sets. The guys were eager to test the lineup as it was empty when we arrived. They absolutely scored this day with perfect conditionʼs for the break even though the forecast was only saying 3-4+ feet the sets were well overhead to double overhead on the occasion. Beautiful weather graced us and we surfed all day sun up to sun down. The shots from this day were amazing and the guys were surfing at peak level. We wrapped up the day with a roast dinner and slideshow of the days action from the water, drone and boat angles.

8/5/2018 – Thunders (4-5 feet SSW swell) Very Light Winds

Day 7 was to be another beautiful day at Thunders. We had decided to stay as the swell was just right for the break. Solid overhead waves and long lines were breaking out the back and forming up nicely on the inside where it would hollow out and open up for amazing tube rides. Another epic day on the water full of surfing, filming and eating the delicious food on the boat prepared by the crew. We decided we would stay again at Thunders as it was just to good to leave. We finished off the day we an delicious meal and slideshow of photos and videos.

9/5/2018 – Thunders (3-4 feet SW swell) Light variable winds

Day 8 presented another day at Thunders reef. It was too good to leave with what we were scoring. Many of the other breaks werenʼt really doing it and Thunders was still pulsing shoulder high waves and hollowing out on the high tide when there was more water on the reef and the swell was hitting the inside. Another day of great surfing. We had really made the most of the waves at the break and decided we should move on with Greenbush if it was to be on. We finished the day with a beautiful dinner and slideshow of the days surfing from the water, drone and boat angles.

10/5/2018 – Greenbush to Batcave (4-6 feet SW swell) Light winds

Day 9 we arrived at Greenbush with hopes of scoring the infamous wave. The swell direction was questionable and not really hitting the reef. We decided to motor on to Batcave where we were to find a nice long right hander breaking for several hundred yards. The wave was about head height with variable winds. Everyone was keen to surf and the waves were pretty good. A few of the guys wanted to go check out a random left break on about 2kms away so I jumped in with them and took the tender while several guys surfed the right where we were anchored. The wave we discover was gnarly and intense. The guys got a few waves but realised it was pretty sketchy and decided not to stay long. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset there and checked out the actual Batcave the break is named after. We finished off the day we an delicious meal and slideshow.


11/5/2018 – Lances Left and HTʼs (4-6 feet SSW swell) Light winds

Day 10 we found ourselves motoring to Lances Left in the early hours of the morning chasing a new SW swell with the hopes of some lefts. We arrived to find overhead waves peeling of the reef and only 1 other boat at the break. The guys surfed here for a few hours and then we decided to head to HTʼs for our last afternoon surf and drop of ” couple of guys who were moving on to ” resort stay. We finished the day with a beautiful dinner and slideshow of the days surfing from the water, drone and boat angles over a few Bintangs.

12/5/2018 – Padang Harbour

Day 11 We enjoyed a smooth crossing back to Padang and unloaded while the crew started prepping the boat for our departure. We all said our goodbyes and thanked the crew and guests.

All in all it was a great trip, the guys left stoked and surfed out. The food was awesome, the guide very knowledgeable and the crew was very friendly and always smiling and happy to help. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip as did the guests.

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