So its 2013 and the Pacific is starting to fire up with several active Tropical Cyclones brewing. This means surf and lots of it.

With the swells picking up and the size getting bigger all eyes turn on to “The Eddie”, a big wave contest of epic proportions in memory of Eddie Aikau, a heroic Hawaiian life guard who died saving lives.

It was a close call on new years eve as there were 20ft waves coming through Waimea Bay where the event is held, but it was called off due to the inconsistent nature of the swell. Its 20ft minimum out there and the competition has only run a total of 7 times in its 28 year life span, so its a rare day when all the elements come together to make it happen. Hope fully this year will deliver with young guns such as John John Florence in the line up.

The waiting period ends on Feb 28th so there is still chance that one of these TC’s will come up with the goods in time.

Here is this years inauguration, and from The Perfect Wave we wish you clean lips, corduroy seas, and open faces all the way through 2013. Have a most excellent 2013.

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