by Peter Curilla

The Solomon Islands is one of the last pristine, untouched places on the planet. Clear, warm water, excited locals that welcome you, fun waves for all levels of surfers and, simply, life without any sort of schedule, rush or stress.

The surfing season runs during Aussie spring/summer (October to April) and there is lots to discover and enjoy besides surfing.

Our partner operator in the area, Surf Solomon Tours will guide you around the Maliata Island, not only the best surf breaks, but also provide a cultural insight about the country and its people. They have own chef that will cook for you the whole time, transport around the island for different breaks, fishing trips, snorkeling, markets, waterfalls… The surf breaks are pretty consistent in the high season and there are both left- and right-handers of various difficulties to surf.

Surf Breaks

Maliata Island

• Toi – This is considered the premier wave by many who come to Solomons. It’s an outer right hand reef set up about 2km from the nearest land. So it’s very sensitive to wind. In the right conditions it’s a fast, powerful, right. It has barreling sections, and works well on NW to NE swells. Catches all available swell and is often bigger than other breaks in the area.

Gnali nuts – This is a consistent left on most swell directions and sizes. It’s best with light offshore or no wind but can handle cross shore conditions. The break has two distinct peaks that sometimes connect making for a long, powerful, walling wave. On bigger swells it comes into its own. It’s a great walling wave on most tides. This wave suits all types of surfing (short board, fish and mals).
Eidu – Is a long peaking left which at its best goes through 4 distinct bowling and then reforming sections. At mid to high tide this is an easy walling wave that can handle large swells. On small swells it can get a bit fat and higher tides can stop it breaking all together. On low tide it’s a completely different wave with ledging take offs, fast, hollow walls and a very shallow reef. Needs glassy conditions to surf on low tide. When it’s big, this is a serious wave.
Tai – This reef passage is a real swell magnet and there is pretty much always a wave to be had on the incoming tide here even if it’s flat everywhere else. It breaks more like a beach break with shifting left and right peaks – but it is a reef and can be shallow on the inside. On a good day there can be some fun, peaky and fast waves. It’s surfable up to 4 foot, bigger than that and it becomes too unpredictable as you have to be prepared to get caught inside on this wave. Best on small days at 2-4 foot. On the inside is a magic hollow left called Beacons that breaks when the swell is up and is offshore in conditions when many other waves are blown out.
Charlie’s Right – A very consistent right hander that breaks on incoming tides almost every day. It’s a short, fast wave with a number of walling sections and an easy barrel. Very fun when it’s small and even when the swells up it does not get as heavy here as some other nearby breaks.
Ngali nuts rights – Across the passage from the main left hand break at Ngali Nuts is a right. It’s a bit fickle and hard to catch in the right conditions. But when it’s clean this can be a fast wave that is fun on smaller days. Generally the left is looking better on bigger swells but there is a lot of potential to explore this wave further and get it at its best.
Kwanala – Swell direction and wind have to be just right and when they are this right is one of the best waves in the area (N to NE swells with glassy conditions). On lower tides it can be a very hollow wave with the wall of the wave increasing as it runs down the reef. On smaller swells and at higher tide it breaks wider on the reef and is a very fun, punchy wave. There is a lot of sea life around this break.
Billy’s – A magic left surfed for the first time 08/09 season. Named after Billy Bain who went with his father Rob on a trip at the end of the season.
Piccininies – A consistent right breaking close to a very scenic village. Expect the whole village to come out and join in! A fun wave

There are dozens of lefts and rights that have great potential but have never been surfed.

The last tour of the 2011 season was at the beginning of April and the guys were joined by Joel Coleman, a Sydney pro photographer whose daily shots are updated 5 days a week on his website

The guys had a fantastic time and although it was an end-of-season trip, the waves were still fun and the overall experience has just left the guys in awe of the country and its people. Enjoy the trip shots and if you would like to visit this beautiful place, give us a call.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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