Text by Melissa Pretorius | Video courtesy of Sa’Moana Resort

There’s a rekindled stirring about a small place in the heart of Polynesia. Rumors of a surfing frontier somehow not spoiled by the ease of surf travel and accessibility.

A place where the same swells that hit the famed and overcrowded coast of Hawaii during December, often remain unridden as they reel along untouched reefs. A place where you can experience all the perfection of Indonesia, without the fear of competing with a boat-load of testosterone-filled males.

And a place where, even today, waves remain to be discovered, from long lines of buttery perfection to wedgy barrels, breaking over impossibly clear blue water onto shelves of stunning tropical coral.

It sounds too good to be true. And you’re probably thinking epic sessions of uncrowded perfection, are a distant memory of an era gone past.  But we’re here to tell you, they still exist.

Meet Samoa, a string of beautiful islands, sitting halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii.  The archipelago’s two main islands, Upolu and Savai’i and their world class waves have been a well-kept secret since surfers first began exploring the islands in the 90s. These days, however, the wave-rich coast of Upolu has a range of options catered to traveling surfers. But the development has by no means spoiled the surfing experience.

You can expect experienced surfers tracking swells to add a few numbers to the line-up during epic swells, but uncrowded waves still remain just a boat ride away. And with more than 20 waves to choose from you’ll be sorted for variety.

When it comes to finding a home base and expert advice, we simply can not go past the Sa’Moana Resort, an establishment which carved its reputation as a pioneer of the surfing scene in the area some 15 years ago.

The Resort is a rare jewel, an oasis located on a private beachfront surrounded by white sand beaches and the vast Pacific. Where an exploration of culture, natural surroundings and local cuisine form as much as part of the experience as the waves.

It’s proximity and easy access to numerous surrounding breaks, allows you to have your surf adventure, without having to sacrifice the comforts of a luxe getaway.

On off days, you could find yourself getting lost in the island’s breathtaking landscape, snorkeling, fishing, or finding time to simply be.

The islands have waves all year round, and during the dry season between April to October, you could score some epic, albeit pretty heavy sessions. For the remainder of the year, swells are consistently smaller yet no less perfect, with plenty of variety on offer to suit different abilities.

Simply put, there’s no doubt Sa’Moana ticks all the boxes.

The real question is, why haven’t you been there yet?

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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