By Ben Horvath

Chris enjoying the Aganoa Bowl

With all the usual Hawaiian hype over summer, its easy to forget about anywhere else with waves at that time of year. The fact is, that whenever Hawaii gets a north swell, the North shore of Savai’i, Samoa, gets it about 3 days later.

The difference? Zero crowds.

Our apparent wet season in Samoa was contradicted with sunny days and even waves on our South Coast. Our surfing “Season” is typically March-November with frequent South swells mid year and more offshore winds on either end – obviously scoring the combination results in pumping waves. However, its often forgotten that from December to February, The North Coast is alive and its time to explore.

While most in Australia drank cold beers on the 26th of January, one of our favourite waves called “Blue Pools” decided to turn on. A roaring left hander with barrel sections and open faced opportunities peels down the reef while its closest neighbour breaks are probably doing the same.

If you think back to everytime JOB released a new webisode with firing North Shore footage or even when Medina won the world title at Pipe, Savai’i’s North shore was probably pumping with nobody around. We were also lucky enough to score some right hand perfection at home out the front at Aganoa Lodge, deeming this “Off-Season” actually very “On”.

So for anyone willing to chase epic waves next summer, The North Coast of Savai’i is empty and waiting.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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