by Peter Curilla

G’day friends!

Surf season in Papua New Guinea is between October and April, so we are entering the last weeks of good swell period. Shane, our good friend from Rubio, has been feeding us images from their local surf breaks almost daily to our delight. The surf has been really uncrowded, and all groups we sent there this season came home really happy.

Dale that went there in February, e-mailed us: Hi, Rhonda – I was with the group of 10 that went to Rubio (PNG) 11 – 23 Feb 2012. We were all blown away by the experience. Although the waves weren’t epic, we were able to get quality waves everyday. In fact our bodies gave out before the waves did… Shane, Annette and their staff were excellent. Always willing to take us anywhere/anytime to find the Perfect wave. Shane’s knowledge of the whole area and what swell/wind works where is amazing. However, the most satisfying aspect for me, was knowing we were the only surfers there. I have attached a couple of photos! Thanks again for organising our trip, I look forward to the next one!!

If you are thinking of going to PNG and wonder whether it isn’t too late to go, it isn’t! Check out the below charts for historical wave sizes and swells in March – May:

Brad from a different group, e-mailed us: Hi Rhonda! Just wanted you to know that the trip went really well and all the guys were so impressed with the venue and the hosts. Shane was exceptional with his knowledge of the place, his eagerness to take us anywhere/anytime and the respect he generates in the area. The kids adore him. The experience was more than just the waves and most guys were blown away with the culture and the fact we were the only surfers on the whole island. On behalf of all the guys that went, thanks again for organising everything.

Below, check out the surf report photo gallery:

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Ben Horvath

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