by Peter Curilla

Most surfers have heard of Papua New Guinea (video) as a surf destination and many have experienced the pristine surf conditions of this wild country. But with so many remote islands and reefs around PNG, its surf potential has barely been touched. It is only now with the purpose-built surf charter boat, PNG Explorer, run by PNG Surfaris, that surfers are able to access areas that have never before been surfed.

After a recent trip to PNG and catching up with the owners, Andrew and Jude, and checking out the new boat, the first word that sprang to mind was “impressive”. After many, many months of hard work and many thousands of dollars refitting their new vessel, the boat set sail on its maiden surf voyage in October 2010. Since then Andrew quotes “We are discovering new breaks every trip and so far we have discovered over 30 new breaks! Someone needs to come up with a system for naming new waves as I have run out of names for all the waves we have found over the last few months!” Andrew and Jude are very passionate about their new boat and the trip they offer, and rightly so, as they are forging new ground in surf travel and writing their names in the history books.
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History – Andrew and Jude pioneered the St Matthias and Manus Island groups with their first boat, the MV Exocoetus or ‘Exo’. The past three years have seen Exo, with Andrew at the helm, carry 260 guests safely around the islands of New Ireland. Prior to the tourism charters, the duo were well known from trading around the islands. It was during this time that Andrew began to surf the waves. With every surf the locals amazed as Andrew rode the “si brukim” (breaking sea) standing on foam and fibreglass. This was obvious by the crowds that gathered to watch, and metered by their reaction as he disappeared into the wave and charged out the other end. That was their first ‘barrel’ on this island and Andrews’ right to name the break.

Three years of surf charter operations have enabled PNG Surfaris to document the consistency of the waves, and discover many more. They were the first to do this in many of the islands, and are keen to share this place with other surfers; whilst up-keeping the relative secrecy of what is one of the world’s last untapped surfing resources.

The surfing season in New Ireland Province is a relatively short season from October to April. This is taking advantage of the Northern Hemisphere swells coming from the northwest to northeast directions. During this period the wind is predominately from the N/NW. The surf generally ranges from 3-4ft; bigger swells see it at 5-6ft.

Surf Management Plans – The Niu Ailan Surfriders Alliance (NASA) is an affiliated member of the Surfing Association of PNG. The PNG Surf Management Plan structure, and in particular the Niu Ailan Surfriders Alliance Management Plans have been specifically developed with the primary goal of limiting surfer numbers, and limiting exploitation so that the PNG surf experience remains unique and memorable for those fortunate enough to experience it.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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