PNG Explorer news by captain Andrew Rigby | Image by Chris Peel

The time has come to bid farewell to Andrew “Darty” Dart and welcome Chris Peel.

We have something new for this season on the PNG Explorer and for the first time there will be a full time photographer on-board. Chris Peel has joined us from that haven for the “Touched”, Byron Bay and will be on-board with state of the art stills equipment and housings to document every tube, every smile, every beer, every fish and make them available for guests to take the memories home.

If you read Surfing Life or White Horses magazines in Australia you may be familiar with his work and if you haunt the forecasting site Surfline you have probably seen his fantastic images from places like Padang-Padang, Desert Point, Nias and The Telo Islands. Chris has been shooting surf for half a decade now and has spent more time than any other surf photographer in PNG.

In addition to photography, Chris is a fully qualified dive master and surf guide so you will have the option to get some great scuba under your belt in arguably the best diving destination on the planet as well as make sure your right on the take-off spot for the best sets. As always yours truly will be on-hand for the full season and between us, you should be leaving PNG surfed out, dived out, well fed and holding a stunning photographic record of it all.

For more info on the photography packages on offer and available open dates ENQUIRE ONLINE or call +61 (0)2 9939 0890

See you all very soon.
From the PNG Explorer Captain
Andrew Rigby

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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