by Peter Curilla

G’day friends,

to start off the week on the right note, our friends from brand-new Vanimo Surf Lodge in Papua New Guinea have sent us an awesome photo update of what’s cooking in their corner. The surfing season in PNG is just starting and the swell is already delivering the goods!

This camp has just been built and currently consists of three traditional PNG-style huts in absolutely remote territory with very few tourists visiting every year. The amount of surfers in water at any time rarely exceeds 6 and it is usually 3-4.

The surf breaks are easy to access by foot or a short paddle and the range of waves is for all levels. The size and direction of surf breaks in the area means that they work at the same time, giving you a plenty of choice when the surf is on. The waves break from 2-10ft all season. Besides the waves, you can enjoy tropical wilderness, world-class coffee, refreshing dips in local waterfall and exploring a rich, unique culture.

Please check out the photo gallery from last season as well as this year’s early season shots:

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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