While it feels like a week ago that the Papua New Guinea surf season has ended, we are just a few weeks away from the first trips of 2014-15 season.

PNG Explorer crew were pretty busy in the off-season too! The boat captain Andrew send us the latest from PNG – please check it out below the video.

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text by Andrew Rigby (PNG Explorer captain) — photography (c) 2014 Joel Coleman (www.saltmotion.com)

Greetings from the sunny isles of Papua New Guinea.

The PNG Explorer has been enjoying many off season adventures. Thanks to a few research charters for the government and in particular an amazing bio-diversity research trip with the Paris museum. We hosted  a varied and very international group of shell and marine specialists from all around the world. Up to 60m deep dives were completed and thousands of strange “things” were collected to be analysed under microscopes.

Is PNG Explorer ready for the next Papua New Guinea surf season?

For now off season maintenance is in full swing and all the crew are mucking in – from varnishing to needle gunning and painting, it’s all happening.

The PNG Explorer is getting her annual paint job, the big tinny is finally getting finished off with all the bells and whistles, and we have a new dining table is on the drawing board.


Surf guide Darts has been slogging it out in Oz. You would think a surf guide in the off season may put the feet up and give surfing a rest for a bit at least. Nope not Darty. He’s been chasing swells up and down the eastern seaboard in Oz. So if its pumping in your neck of the woods keep an eye out for a green Nissan double cab and a frothing man grommet.

There has been the odd sneaky off season session up here but everyone is eagerly awaiting the first of the September swells. We hope you are all enjoying the winter swells back in Oz, stand by for updates as the season draws closer. As usual trips are filling up so if your keen for a PNG surf adventure of a lifetime now is the time to secure a spot.

Cheers from your Captain


Below are some of 2013-14 season photos from PNG Explorer trips – courtesy by Joel Coleman (www.saltmotion.com)

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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