by Nick Towner – Director of New Zealand Surfing Adventures

It seems like our long, Indian summer in New Zealand will never end as we have been receiving amazingly consistent swell from both east and west. Last week saw the first solid east swell of winter light up New Zealand’s east coast with the lower North Islands beach breaks firing on all cylinders. We just got back from an epic adventure to the far east coast which saw us score a 2-3 metre east swell for three days. Below is a picture of a classic New Zealand beach break with only a couple guys out. For the full album – scroll down below.


The El Nino weather system which I spoke about in the last summer update is slowly starting to kick in. The forecast for the upcoming weeks is a lot more SW swell which will see some of the west coast points come to life. These point breaks are great for surfers of all ability offering fantastic long rides which you can really link up turns and get your flow on. Below is NZ’s most famous wave and for good reason as it is surfable on almost any wind and most swells from the west.


Here is the forecast for the upcoming week. Huge swells perfect for the points, notice the smallest swell sizes are 5 foot!

Best bet for Winter:

With winter now upon us, New Zealand Surf Adventures often head to the far north to take advantage of the warmer weather and sheltered bays protected from the large southern storms. However, for those of you that want the ultimate adventure in New Zealand, you should book a Surf and Snow adventure. We often get you in the water during the morning, then hit the slopes for the afternoon. What could be better than barrels for breakfast and powder for lunch…

 If you are after a unique adventure that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, New Zealand Surfing Adventures has it covered.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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