By Ben Horvath.

ductTapeLargeMost of us know Steve-O from his hilarious and crazy stunt roles in Jackass the MTV series, or one of the later Jackass movies.

Over the years we have all marvelled at plenty of his mad-ass skate cameos, and of course been on the floor laughing at his radical pranks, but I’ve never really seen footage of Steve-O surfing until he hooked up with us at The Perfect Wave.


Steve-O has been enjoying much success as a solo artist in recent years, performing Stand Up tours and just last year he launched his own Youtube channel that has had upwards of 3 million hits already.

In Steve-O’s recent trip to Morocco he stays with The Perfect Wave’s Surf Maroc scoring some good waves and getting up to a bunch of humorous on the road style pranks.

Watch as he kind of borrows a football from an airport sports store and juggles like a Brazilian pro or flashes some oldies in the upmarket airport lounge, skates Moroccan style on the boardwalk and makes a new 4 legged friend.

It really is a surf trip like no other.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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