“I just wanna surf small waves, and be in water with 30-40 other people”, said no surfer ever.

The reality is, we need to share our local break with other surfers. Unless we drive a few hours away from Australian cities, we are accustomed to be in water with a bunch of other surfers, and sometimes it does become like a zoo on a really good day.

Hence it is every surfer’s dream to discover that pumping, empty, remote wave and have it for themselves, or share with just 2-5 close friends. To travel far away from hustle and bustle, thousands of miles from crowds. To the land where nobody will drop in on you. Where you can score uncrowded waves.

Enter Kosrae, Caroline Islands.

Our good friend Matt Rott has recently shared a video from the island where he’s the only resident full-time surfer. Place that gets visited by only about 150 tourists a year. Yet, the waves are pumping and the waters are clear and pristine, perfect for diving.

We hope you enjoy this video!

Behind the Seen from Nine Nine Videos on Vimeo.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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