P- Pass at 4ft is as perfect as a wave gets. – Photo Swilly.

Without the doubt, the most commonly asked question when inquisitive clients ring our experienced team of well-travelled sales team at The Perfect Wave HQ is:

I have a two-week window this spring/summer. Where do you recommend I go where I can find some quality, consistent waves to suit my standard of surfing?

Of course, being the largest surf travel company in the world we offer an exciting, and varied list of options for experienced surfers, couples, beginners and indeed families looking to escape the inevitably small, crowded summer lineups at home.

Hawaii is obviously one option often on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and closer to home PNG, Samoa, Fiji, off season Indo, and more recently Taiwan are popular destinations.

However, the option that is at the forefront of everyone’s mind after viewing all the incredible imagery filtering back after last weekend’s eye opening first swell of the season, is P-Pass, Caroline Islands.

The P in P-Pass stands for perfection.

The P in P-Pass stands for perfection. – Photo Swilly.

Let me dispel the myth that P-Pass is an 8ft barrel suitable only for advanced surfers. No way! P-Pass is, in fact, the funnest wave ever.

Make sure you read Swilly’s (legendary Gold Coast professional photographer) Dispelling the P-Pass Myth.

P-Pass is most definitely not just all about the double overhead pits you see pictures of Dorian, Rasta, Asher Pacey or Mikey Wright in the mags or online.

Yes, a lot of pros do drop everything and fly into town a couple of times a year when a purple blob turns up on their favoured forecasting website, but generally speaking P-Pass is a highly rippable right-hander with plenty of water over the reef when it is in the 3 to 5ft range.

Recent great news is you can now fly from Brisbane instead of heading to Cairns. You no longer need to overnight in Guam and Cairns on the way back.

This could be you. What a scene. – Photo Swilly.

Flights from Brisbane to the Carolines leave every Friday and return every Sunday so you can do a 9 or 16 night trip.

Have a great day!

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Not a bad setting for a holiday huh? – Photo Swilly.
Aargh, relax in comfort. – Photo Swilly.
Are you kidding me? Postcard beach scene. – Photo Swilly.

Casual socializing, bar and food. – Photo Swilly.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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