Do you want to improve your surfing? Then try and surf in some better waves!
You will be able to test your equipment and push your personal boundaries to a higher level.
Travel somewhere reliably consistent, where you can focus on improving your wave knowledge, your positioning, your fitness, your turns and your tube-riding.
You can achieve all of this and more in just 10 to 14 days aboard a surf charter with friends, or staying at a family friendly land resort in the Mentawai.
The Mentawai Islands provide every possible canvas for you to improve your particular wave riding dance on. There’s a different type of wave around every corner.
There’s nooks and crannies sheltered from all wind directions.
There’s shallow, hollow reefs, fun, mellow walls, high performance skate parks, flawless pits and high almond style barrells with enough water over the reef for average surfers to score some tube time.
There’s just so many perfectly shaped reefs.
Lefts, rights and no time consuming, energy sapping battles through endless whitewater paddle outs beach break styles.
Instead enjoy being dropped off in the channel, and paddle out in comfort, taking in the breathtaking palm fringed scenery whilst cruising out to generally predictable take off zones.
Even average surfers can lay full rail carves or get barrelled in the Ments.
High -performance surfers can try every manouvre imaginable and get as deep in the tube as humanly possible.
We have two contrasting clips this week:
Clip one showcases four of Australia’s  best free-surfers Jack Freestone, Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn and Chippa Wilson pushing high performance boundaries at Maccas.

and Clip 2 is crusier, featuring unknown surfers enjoying some great early-season waves suitable for all levels near Aloita Resort less than 2 weeks ago on April 16 and 17:

Aloita Surf Resort and Spa
from US$1,220 per person
7 nights in the surfers house (based on off-peak season) – incl. Padang transfers and meals

Santa Lusia – Mentawai
from US$1,699 pp (30% OFF)
29 May trip – 12 nights on board, all meals, 5 beers a day, expert surf guide, air-con accommodation, onboard gear for fishing & snorkelling + onboard entertainment

MV Addiction – Mentawai
from US$2,555 pp (50% OFF)
Two last minute deals: 50% OFF on the 30 April charteror $728 OFF on the 14 – 26 May 2016 trip. Don’t miss out!

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There’s something for everyone on a Mentawai charter. – Photo Potts.

Book a boat charter and score the wave of your life. – Photo Potts.

Perfect little, uncrowded left reefs near Aloita. – Photo Davis.

Aerial overview of Aloita Resort. Paradise! – Photo Potts.

Small days can be fun too. – Photo Seb Imizcoz; courtesy Aileoita surf charters.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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