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Tengirri is one of the best and one of the most popular Mentawai surf charters. They are sold out year by year, and they are one of few boats that do Ments charters almost all year round, including the months that are perceived by majority of surfers as offseason – like February.

Yet, year by year, the photos and videos Tengirri send us, prove that February in Mentawai is rather like a secret gold untapped. If you like empty, long and consistent waves in 2-6 foot range, this time of the year can be some of the best to go.

Mentawai in February
Mentawai in February

How is February surf in Mentawai?

February is the time when you can enjoy some of the Mentawai best waves empty and perfect. On their recent couple of trips, Tengirri had perfect, dreamlike conditions at Telescopes:

And if right-handers are more of your thing, here’s some empty, endless, well-groomed perfection at Lances Right a few days later:

It doesn’t get much better than that! And if your preference is to surf with less crowds, February and March tick all the boxes for that perfect surf trip.

Enjoy the photo gallery courtesy of Tengirri below.

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