by Sebastian Imizcoz, Mentawai surf guide on Aileoita surf charter


I still remember 10 years ago, on my very first season in the Mentawai, seeing an helicopter flying around, they where filming the Young Guns 2.

Of course we got to see all the pros ripping the waves here, it was like a live surfing video. But what stays in my mind where the aerial images.

Something that was total out of reach for me. But now, 10 years after, the technology advanced so much and I’m able to take the same images with a drone!


Our trip in April 10th was composed of some regular guests that have they favorite spots, so luckily we get them uncrowded and almost all of them with good conditions.

We sailed all over the Mentawai and found our best waves at Greenbush and Lances Right, so both goofies and regulars were happy!

The season is still calm, with not many surfers around. Come and check the Mentawais on the Aileoita 1 surf charter!


The photographer  Sebastian Imizcoz is sponsored by Rusty.

Aileoita 1 Surf Charter includes pro photography in their packages, so you will come home with shots of yourself surfing, which will help you see and improve your technique and provide memorable souvenir. The Aileoita 1 is a beautifully crafted surf charter boat, designed by surfers for surfers, with high safety & comfort standards.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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