by Ben Horvath (all photos courtesy TENGIRRI surf charter)

Early June Sumatra vid clips and photo gallery, plus mid June forecast

As evidenced in recent blog posts, high season in Indo continues to produce the goods. The crew from Mentawai surf charter Tengirri finished a very successful 17-day Sumatra charter last week and sent us some great photos to share.

Phil said, “We travelled over 1500 km’s around the islands of Sumatra, and clocked a lot of tube time, watched a series of Breaking Bad, and visited and surfed countless empty lineups.

One epic day at the start of the trip was the highlight, but it was then topped by an absolutely flawless day at the end of the charter.”


Swellnet have forecast: “A new large SW groundswell this Thursday June 12, pushing in at 6-8ft, and more size is due into the afternoon. A drop in size is then due through Friday from 5-6ft+ at exposed locations early around Bali. Trade-winds are expected to freshen from the E/SE as the swell kicks Thursday and persist into Friday before easing off slowly through the weekend likely becoming variable Sunday morning.”

Tengirri have discounted all their remaining spots on 2014 charters.


We still have the following sposts available on board Tengirri in 2014:

19th June – 1st July – 7 spots – discounted now – guranteed to depart
3rd July – 15th July – 3 spots – discounted now – guranteed to depart
16th July – 27th July – 8 spots – discounted now
2nd August – 14th August – 8 spots – discounted now
16th August – 28th August – 8 spots – discounted now

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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