Video by Andy Potts / The Perfect Wave.

Swell Recap by Ben Horvath.
Diary by Toasty and Andy.

June 2014 highlights:

High season in The Mentawai rarely fails to deliver. There definitely wasn’t any shortage of swell in June 2014, but unfortunately the wind didn’t co operate for a solid week or so late in the month, during the biggest swell of the season thus far, which kind of sucked.

Mark Mathews suicides

Mark Matthews Suicides

The two back to back 6- 10ft SW swell events in the June 24-29 period co incided with gusty NW winds severely limiting rideable options in The Ments. Aloita surf guide Toasty said, “Suicides was the only side/offshore option for almost a week. It was weird, Suicides is usually small. On Thursday June 26 it was 8-10ft. Even Mark Mathews came over from Playgrounds to surf it because it was the only option in the prevailing NW winds.”

Toasty suicides

Toasty Suicides

Desert Point and Padang were all time during that swell. Koby Abberton, Walshy, Dylan Longbottom, Kirk Flintoff and Dylan Haylar were among the all-star cast scoring 4 double overhead pits a wave over on Lombok.

Nothing beats an Indonesian backdrop as you tear apart another endless wall. – Photo PottsThe Perfect WaveNothing beats an Indonesian backdrop as you tear apart another endless wall. – Photo Potts-The Perfect Wave

Aloita surf guide Toasty and resident resort photographers Andy Potts and Grant Davis said, “The first fortnight and the final week of June in The Mentawai was hard to beat though. Non-stop 4 to 6ft SW swell, generally light to moderate SE trades and options everywhere.” Andy Potts jumped aboard The Oasis and headed down to Macca’s, HT’s and even further south. Most of the photos in the gallery and the clip were taken during the first fortnight and then the last few days of June. Enjoy.

Aloita June Wave diary.

6 ft, 17 sec SW swell, light variable SE winds all day.
Epic 6-8 ft telescopes, surfed our brains out!

6ft, 18 sec SSW swell, light SE winds.
7 charter boats at Telescopes, so we surfed 4-6ft Hookers lefts on our own.

4-5 ft, 17sec SSW swell, light SE winds all day.
Fun, clean 4ft telescopes.

4-5ft, 16sec SSW swell, SE winds variable and light later.
Fun, uncrowded 3-4ft Telescopes.

5ft , 15sec SW swell, variable wind tending N early, then nothing later.
Surfed empty Suicides Rights at 3-4ft then empty Telescopes at 4-5ft by ourselves.

3 ft, 13 sec Sth swell, light SE winds early, variable light later.
2-3 ft Telescopes clean early, and a little messy and weak later.

2-3ft, 12 sec Sth swell, light SE winds early, moderate N winds later.
2ft weak Telescopes, clean early, and messy in the afternoon.

2ft, 12 sec Sth swell, moderate N winds, terrible conditions.
No surfing today.

2ft, 12sec W swell, strong N winds.
Some barely contestable waves for the local surf competition.

3ft ,11 sec WNW swell, strong NW winds
Sloppy 2-3ft onshore Telescopes.

3ft, 12 sec WNW swell, moderate N winds early, tending NW later.
Messy 2-3 ft Icelands Lefts and an afternoon surf at junky 3-4ft Scarecrows.

5-6ft, 16sec SW swell, light SE winds early, then light and variable for the rest of the day.
Pumping 4-6 6ft Telescopes all day, and some very fun Suicides Rights in between.  An epic day of waves.

4-5ft, 14sec SW swell, light to moderate NW winds all day.
Suicides Rights were the only option, no one was
Complaining, super fun 3-4ft barrels all morning.

5-6ft, 17sec SW swell, moderate NW winds all day.
Suicide Rights the only offshore option again, 4-6ft barrels were the order of the day.

5-6ft, 16 sec SW swell, moderate NW winds again.
Back to Suicide Rights, more solid 4-6ft waves.

4ft, 14sec Sth swell, light NW winds tending moderate W later.
Went up to playgrounds and scored some fun 3-4ft A-frames.

3-4ft, 14sec Sth swell, moderate NW winds
2-3ft Suicides Rights, fun but shallow.

5-6ft, 15sec SSW swell, moderate NW winds all day
More fun 2-4 ft Suicides Rights today.

8-9ft, 14 sec SSW swell, moderate NW winds.
Swell was too south leading to small 1-2ft Suicides.

1-2ft, 20sec SW swell in the morning, 6-7ft SW swell at 18secs in the afternoon. Moderate NW winds all day
3-4ft Suicides in the morning, 8-10ft in the afternoon. Fun in the morning and chunky solid waves in the arvo. Pity we are in a NW airflow as the waves are solid, but not world class.

8-9ft, 16sec SW swell, moderate NW winds all day.
6-8 ft Suicides again, solid but a little smaller than yesterday. The conditions were ok, but nothing epic, a real pity the NW is blowing again it could have been a special day. Our guests got to surf with Mark Mathews who was down from the Playgrounds area, this indicated that we surfed the best waves possible in the northern Mentawai.

6-7 ft, 15sec SW swell, light NW winds early, light variable later.
Some fun 4-5ft Suicides Rights early, then some lumpy surfable 4-6 ft Telescopes for the arvo sesh.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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